Saturday, August 23, 2008

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In conjunction with PeiHau's invitation to Advertlets "You don't mess with the Zohan" screening, we took advantage of this outing to re-celebrate Chan and Seng's birthday because PeiHau didn't attend the first one. Had a scrumptious meal at Fridays.


Reu's Shrimp Martini

Chan's Mac & Cheese balls

My boneless wings


Chan's Fish & Chips

Seng's Cheese Chicken

My Weird-tasting Chicken with Weed and Salty Balls



Josh Lim and his employee giving a speech inside the theater. Scared to flash la...thats why so dark.

Chilling session.

Nazrin Zaid, my fellow ex-classmate back in Samad left to Glasgow, Scotland for his studies majoring in Physics. Real awesome although I wonder why he had to go so far to study Physics. Maybe Scottish Physics is different..? This is the farewell kenduri we attended.

The boohoo session..

Shin 'Assclown' Tom signing on the custom-made guitar pick necklace.

My siggy

The Samad family

The bling bling

Jess & Naz

Raz & Naz (macam nama rocker band aje..)

Alia & Naz

Weng & Naz

Reu & Naz

After-party session at some mamak inside ss19

Guess who is shisha-ing there?


My addiction to pool is getting deeper and deeper.. someone please take the cue away from my slick hands!


Beat that!

Last night's Jalan-Jalan

ReubenRaj: "Death Race rocks..! Because of the cars and navigators only"

The times where not even a single soul exists in Midvalley grounds, except for the cleaners and guards XD!

Till then.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hahaha I know I neglected my blog posts... lazy to post...and not to forget my busy schedule... just feeling very tired every single day after coming back from studies... *plain lazy but don't want to admit* Fine! I finally went broke after having spending sprees during past weeks.. Back to basics with mixed rice and plain water days. Now I am quite relieved for a short moment as the assignments and tests are over but not presentations. Should be a piece of cake if nothing goes wrong.

The 'Sei Dai Choi Zi' in my group. The tall, the hardworking, the funny and the.... best! *perasan*
Did I mentioned that there are only 4 boys in my group and 24 person inside my group? Take a hint.

Fireman bbq restaurant. More like a Korean Steamboat to me. Specialty: Eat Fire!

Nice interior..There's even a football game machine inside for customers to play with.

The Fireman himself pouring the soup for us.

Sizzling the chunks of pork lards.


After the meal, we strongly demanded for the fire eating performance to be shown to us as they said. The manager of the restaurant had to abide our requests if not my friends would have tear down the restaurant by then.

New way of eating bbq food. Burn the food inside your mouth.

Look! I could make a small heart shaped flame out of my mouth.

A jedi lightsaber trick.

Another steamboat restaurant I went this weekend is Yuen's Steamboat Buffet opposite Sunway Pyramid with a bunch of high school classmates. RM 19.80 per person. ALL YOU CAN EAT! except for drinks though.

Aaron and Chee Chung busy steamboating.

Chan Wai and Seng Wai busy admiring.

Brian, Choo Xiang and the waiter busy stoning.

Presenting the restaurant's most famous food, Honey teriyaki marinated chicken wing. Taste like Char Siu to me....

Seng Wai copying my squish-watermelon-juice method...

Eating ice cream using chopsticks

Look here la..

The battle for Chicken Wings...

Choo Xiang & Chan Wai : We still want more Chicken Wings!

Ending up in Sunway Pyramid doing nothing but loitering and slacking around.

Anyone up for Anything?

Walking inside Jusco

My camwhore moments

I know I am handsome. I know you all agree with me. Yeh!