Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time for an upturn

Here I am, blogging at 5am after getting back from the small trip to Hulu Langat. At least today nothing serious happened. But still it is really happening! Our first expedition to Ampang Look Out Point!!!

Let's start off in the morning. I woke up at 10, without brushing teeth, first thing I did is washed my car because I cannot stand the dirty filthy water marks all over the car body!! After washing I drove it to ss2 to get it tinted from RayTech. Due to the free package I took, they did quite a bad job and don't clean up the mess after applying the tint films. At least I paid 20 bucks for the extra Myvi word in my number etching on the windows. =.= The salesgirl there said I look like a standard 6 boy with a baby face!! Baby face again!! Aiyoh..... So I went back home and wash the car again and clean up the mess inside. See la... new car sayang sayang.. 1-2 months later see how...

Apparently I am still not satisfied. The car must be pimped, at least to a mild extent without crossing the lala-car border. Went to Brothers in Kelana Jaya with Tom after that. Seriously have to get a shopping list by the next trip. A lot of stuff can be bought to pimp up my car deh.... I need more money!!! Anyone please donate to the "Pimp-Weng's-Car" Fund, okay??

After dinner, 10 of us( Me, Alwin, Reuben, Tom, Vince, Yung, Alia, Jian, Jen Jen, Jia Yun) gathered at Picca. By 9 we drove to Ampang Look Out Point. Quite a long journey I would say but it is worth it. Just for the breathtaking scenery of the whole KL and part PJ. Phew....

See what I mean? Well apparently Alia brought her DSLR there and we camwhored a lot. Photos to be uploaded in Facebook!!! After that, went to Gasoline for a light drink. I did not know they were going to surprise me as Reuben took out a present and passed it to me. My belated birthday present from all of the people!! Well I am so touched.... Thank you all.. I feel like giving each of you a kiss now... come to papa... XD

My glitter lamp! Where is the lava??!!

Today is a good day and it remained that way. Well CNY is just 36 hours away. Tong Tong Tong Chiang!!! Luck is in the air~ Okay I am overjoyed now... Time to sleep. Have to drive back to Taiping some more... Thanks again to the Hengdais and Hengmuis that tagged along today for this small expedition.. I shall remember this day until the day I take my last breath!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is it me or anybody else?

CNY is coming and I am not feeling any luckier. I just lost my specs, my iPod and my Touch & Go card. Today I sent my car to fix and apparently only the relay system went missing and replacing it only cost RM19.60. At first the cashier there said One-Nine-Six-Zero. I was stunned at that moment.. she laughed back and said 19.60 only la.. Scared the bejesus out of me...


It is a bad day. Yet again. Today's victim is Tom. Car accident. Hitted a saman fella from DBKL. Serious shit. Gang came and shitted. Negotiations. Unsettled business. Police station. No one's fault. Total bullshit. Enough said.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How bad can it be?

I swear to God I am having the worst moments in my life right now. Don't talk about my finals coming up after CNY. Lets start from yesterday. I went basketball and the uncle there broke my FCUK spectacles which I used it as a spare. Talking about bad luck....

Today was another fucked up day. I had this sixth sense as if something is going to happen today, but then I did not follow my instincts. I was happily going to Yung's house with Reuben to pay him a visit. It looks like a good day. Indeed. Then we decided to go for badminton in Taman Megah. Alwin and Jia Yun joined in. After finishing badminton we all hopped back into my car. That moment! That moment I realized my air-cond is not working. Odd.....

After dropping they all, I came back and took a bath. Just when I was ready to eat my dinner, I remembered my Touch & Go card. I went and search for it. No sign of it anywhere. And then the climax part comes in...I realised my iPod Touch is missing too. I searched and searched, called up the people that was with me just now. eventually this lead me to a conclusion. My car was broken in and they stole my Touch&Go card(RM40+) and my iPod Touch(RM1000+). Good thing is, they did not steal the whole car. I swear it was locked but eventually these 'pro' thieves did a good job. The odd thing is only the malfunctioning air-cond. I am in deep shit right now.....

Oh God, please help me....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Underworld 3 - Rise of the Lycans

Thanks to Nuffnang for another great movie night. Edward became the lucky one to be selected by yours truly to get a chance to go watch this awesome movie with me. Hahaha! This provides a chance for me to introduce him into the world of blogging advertisement which packed with much benefits.

Press Kit, tickets and a pair of shotglasses won by me.

By looking at the trailer I thought It would be not as good as I expected, as in judging by the not-so-famous casting. But after watching the movie, I give this movie 7.5/10. It is good but It could be better. Sufficient amount of action I supposed. Too bad the *ahem* scene was cut off, potong stim!!! Overall, this show is nice. I am so looking forward to the next Underworld series, either prequel or sequel. I would prefer prequel where they would show how Alexander Corvinus spawn the deadliest of two bloodlines, Markus and William. That would be awesome!!

Since it is coming out this Wednesday, I encourage you people to go watch this movie. It is worth it!!!! Trust me!!!! If you don't like it, up yours!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From 18 to 19

One more hour, I am going to be older by a year. Well, getting older isn't that nice. I wished I am still a small kid, can enjoy life better haha. Class today was tiring. After class went for basketball = more tiring. Just now went to Williams with the V family for yumcha session. I did not notice the cake until Godfrey pulled it out from donno where.. Hehehe! That's how I celebrated my pre-birthday celebration before the actual date itself. Came home and mom gave me an angpau. Well a car and an angpau for my 19th birthday. A bit too much don't you think? Hehe.

Thanks a lot to Belinda and Godfrey for the cake!! That cake is really nice! Thanks to Lisa and Bengtuan for the items in BS also. Thanks to the rest too for being so kind all these while. I promised you all one day if I became billionaire, I will give you all 5% of my assets. (kiam siap right?) Hehe!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Are you a friend or a foe?

It takes seconds to notice someone,
takes minutes to engage in a conversation,
takes hours to develop a mutual liking towards each other,
takes days to nurture the seed of friendship,
takes years to forge the friendship bond,
takes forever to get to know each other better,
but still eventually this will end up with just seconds to either decide whether the person you have known is a friend or a foe.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Rise of the Lycans starts Jan 09!!!!

This is a must-watch movie! I am so looking forward to sit back and enjoy this 3rd installment of the Underworld series. I did not get to watch the first one but I roughly know the storyline behind it. Anyone got the DVD? Borrow me please. I only watched the second sequel which is Underworld Revolution. It is about the battle between good and evil where Markus, the first vampire is trying to rescue his brother, William which is the first werewolf from a castle in god-knows-where and Selene and the good peeps are trying to stop him.

I expect this movie to be as good as the one I watched. Now Underworld fans would get to know a part of the origin of the characters and the storyline as well. Isn't that awesome? Thanks to Nuffnang, they are having this premiere screening at 19th January in Cathay Cineplex, Cineleisure Damansara. I really hope I could get a couple of tickets to attend this screening. The last time I went for any Nuffnang event is the Nuffnang's Don't Mess With The Zohan screening with Pei Hau.

Please! I want to watch this movie!!! Please let me win the tickets!

By the way, Kate Beckinsale is so hotttt! Too bad she is not acting in the third movie... sob...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

No Drunk, No Sleep!

Some people find it odd to hang out with a group of people, I could say strangers that just known for not too long ago, in that case only applies for me, through a Facebook application, specifically the BattleStations game. But in fact they did not know, that particular RPG game is really THAT happening, especially the clans inside of it. Ranging from teenagers to fathers, everyone seems to enjoy playing this game, some even forking out hundreds to buy the rare items, similarly like me buying cash items in MapleStory. However, I am so damn glad I joined this Vengeance clan, influenced by Alwin and got to know all these happening people from all around the world. Ever since I became one of the 'family', we have been very active in meeting up and having fun together. Being the youngest there, sort of, I tend to just keep a low profile as most of them are working adults. In fact, they really know how to enjoy life and party like a rockstar! Well, here is a proof that these people kick ass! Hahaha!

Digging the Big D. Notice the CNY mood? Haha!

Computers are everywhere.

Talking about BS...I think..

Me like.


First to down.

You don't want to know what is going on.

Just to be fair. Hehe....

Still sleeping...


The people. The family. The Vengeance.

It was a very crazy night. A very crazy one indeed. Gay crazy. Too gay...... =D

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcoming 2009

2008 seems to fly by my life just like a breeze. It happened so fast as if everything I had in this year has just happened yesterday. My driving license, my past working experience as a waiter, an office boy, a meter reader etc. , my enrollment in the prestigious UTAR, my good and bad times I had in university and a few of the most important things, the hangouts, sleepovers, and bondingful mamak sessions with the ol' buddies. I can say that, after high school, everyone of us got a little bit more on our freedom to taste a little bit more of fun and excitement on the light & easy lifestyle. Driving around PJ, exploring and messing up every single place we can find, drinking teh tarik and eating roti canai at every mamak we can crash, drinking beer at every chilling place we can go, smoking shisha in.... mainly ss19 only haha! Those were the good times experienced first-hand by yours truly. Thinking back of those memories really brings joy to the heart and I am so damn glad I have a circle of friends which the bond strength is even stronger than ever. During this entire year, I may have offended or hurted people that I did not noticed, all I can say is, I am sorry. People that have offended or hurted me, all I can say is, up yours. Although life has not been any better, still it is pretty awesome to me. Although 2008 had passed, I yearn for the uber moments and chances that shall be presented in 2009.

Talking back how I celebrated the New Year with no other people than the ones that kick-ass with you together. Initially Euphoria came out as an option for us to go there and celebrate New Year. But during the last minute, some backed off due to family plans, financial crisis, better plans with other friends etc... It seems to be a failed planning until the very last last last minute of it, we just have to let go the other choices and do this shit together. A very kick-ass gay night sleepover in no other than Yung's crib, and what is better to complement a gay sleepover? A gay BBQ of course. After much fuss, we went to Tesco to get the stuff for BBQing.

Fire starter, Potatoes, Hot Dog breads, Franks, BBQ sauce, LP sauce, Butter, Mozzarella cheese, Chicken meat, Mutton and Beef. No PORK!!!!! Drinks already provided by Yung and JY.

Bang! Ada bab.... Oh takda takda. Bagi 2kg daging cukup dah...

After getting all the stuff we needed, we headed to Yung's house as soon as possible before the jam gets really serious...

Alwin and me prepared the food, Reuben set up the grill and Yung went bathing. JY and Tom still stucked in jam haha! After setting up the 'bon fire', all gathered around to warm themselves up. I mean the mentally retarded ones only. Yes, only these two.

Black adding black.

Perfecto. Exquisite. Mamamia....

Too hungry hehe

Mari makan makan.

Stir frying mutton.

The fab 6.

By 11.30 we walked out and climbed up a hill to watch the fireworks around Curve and Desa Park City. The view was breathtaking although some of the trees were covering it. By 12.00, we cheered in the middle of the field with a dark gloomy environment.
Jalan jalan.


Funniest picture of all night.

Our very own fireworks. Haha!

It has been a wonderful time hanging out with me homies. Till next time. Hehe!

Birthday in exactly 2 weeks from today. HEHEHEHEHE!