Monday, March 31, 2008

Shutter-ing nightout

I am still having the creeps out from the night chilling sessions we had these 2 days. Talk about coincidences..... But before that....

Playing basketball in ss2 at night is much more better. Lower chance of getting soaked in rainwater. I saw a man I met before when I was around 13 years old. I still remember back then I was pretty noobish on this sport. He looked down on me and blamed me on every small 'unfortunate' occurence while playing the game. Now, I can even pwned his tiny ass so hard he cannot fart anymore. Vengeance is so much sweeter when you know you will get old someday.

The sky with the moon.

Jogging at 6 o'clock.

At Wong Kok. But fleed at the end.

At Sri Murni.


The mess.

Out of boredom, I made a concoction. We named it Eau de Boisson Dahle Karri Tea with tissue.

Reuben says its nice.

See! I didn't lie.

Crazy things we do when we get high. (The car is moving at high speed)

Me, Naz, Shah Rezwan, Reuben and Keng Yew went The Curve for Shutter after the mamak session with the rest the next day. As the Chinese Ching Ming is around the calendar, supernatural stuff happened before we even reached there to see the movie.

Scene 1: Driving in the dark.

Evidence 2: A ghastly figure behind the car.
( Observe carefully, there is a human figure at the window)

Freaky isn't it?

What cha looking at?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Meter reader at Fuji Xerox

I finally know why there is such a job position inside a document machine company. Working inside Fuji Xerox building in Jalan Bersatu, ss13 as a temporary worker, not to mention for only four days. SIEN!!!!!

I arrived at the reception table at 8.15. After signing in, I got this tag. Cool.

Used to access doors.

After a short briefing session, a bunch of us went to our own workplace and start working. Armed with a computer, a table telephone, few pieces of paper, an instruction manual and a pen, we began bombing the offices for the meter reading of their photocopier machines.

This kind of customer service job is ultimately boring. Bend your hand for hours holding the telephone and viewing the monitor while continuing to repeat the same words:

" Hi, may I speak to Mr.XXX. I am Mr. Wong from Fuji Xerox. Can you please give me the meter reading? Thank you......... 24950395? Okay? Thanks."

Luckily toilet break is free. Ow well, hard work for hard cash.

The temporary meter readers beside me.

After this job, I have another job waiting for me after the month of April. Hardworking leh? Haha

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fartful night

To start things off, I will be working starting tomorrow as a meter reader in Fuji Xerox till 31st of March. Weird job eh? My mission is to contact Fuji printer users and enquire them about their ink usage. I went shopping today and I am getting pennyless. To sustain my lavish lifestyle, its time for hard work to earn some hard cash. As for this post, its pretty delayed... The usual gang have planned a sleepover( rather a sleepless-over) at Yung Khang's house.

A round of mild entertainment at INC to heat things up

A loaf of Chicken Wrap at McD to fire things up

A pose of Takumi driving with one hand to spice things up

A glimpse of the rainbow

On our way to tapao Domino

Home sweet home

I am hungry

Reunion dinner

What to do? Kaki judi mah... As the banker, I lost 10 bucks..

Boys will be boys. Hormonal ones too.

Teen these days...

Drunken driver

Shisha is bad for health

AliGuar. The ideal coffee with Tongkat Ali for Ah Guars.

NFSing at 5am

Okay, I feel like making a story out of the scenes while all of us were sleeping. I shall post it later on. Need time to edit. Guaranteed plenty of farts.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The verdict of High School Public Examination

The much awaited day has arrived for all 2007 SPM takers. Some are looking forward for this day to arrive, some are trying to evade the fact that the results are out and ready to be taken. As for me, what the heck. Reality is something you must face anyway. The only thing I can hope for is luck.

Reuben picked up Yung, Alwin, Vince and me to Sri Paandi for a mini meet-up for all of us at 10. Better to have a hearty breakfast before attempting to reveal the mystery of the result slip.

Ready to rock and roll.

Oh my....

The faces of confident people.

While back in Dewan Bakti,

OMG!! Results are out!

Congratulations! You failed badly! (Joking!)

What can I say? Dissapointed yet grateful..... I can do better but due to my laziness, this is the best I can score. Ow well, I cannot change the course of history, so might as well live with it and TRY to do better in the future. Certain things really surprised me. I am glad that things didn't turned out worse than I expected.

After getting the results, all of them start calling to the dearest ones to report. Happy faces and sad faces, not to mention some crying faces. Luckily for me, my parents are satisfied with my results which really lessen my burden a lot. With so much time left, why not enjoy?

Vince emo-stance of drinking his Nescafe at Sri Ganesh.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Well, the main point of this post is totally random. This is what has been happening in my life these days as a full time slacker with limited wealth and health. First batch NS trainees have just been released yesterday from their part time jail. Congratulations to Reuben and Shin Tom. Good luck to the second batch also.

Don't this duck look real? Scared me while I was waiting for bus the other day.

Life has been easy and worries-free as for now. First time tasting the freedom of going anywhere I like without any restraint from my parents. But as an obedient and rational man, I know my limits.

Happy hours at The Curve. Don't think as if I am like a bad boy or something. I got my dad's permission to do drinking okay? Even he drove me there and drink together with his friends. Isn't this nice? XD Guess I inherited his drinking,gambling and lazy genes that runs in the Wong family.

Movies is also a part of my life now. I cannot resist missing the newest blockbusters showing on the big screens. I like watching movie in Mid Valley because MV has the best pool tables in Brewball Club.

Basketball. Cannot resist the temptation of scoring hoops after hoops. Besides that this provides the opportunity for me to work out to maintain my weight(does not seem to be working). An evening in SS2 basketball court keeps the boredom away.

Driving. Really pissed off of driving. Why? That is a good question. Have you ever experienced the Parents Approval Test On Self-Driving(PATOS)? I guess you all did. Ow well, This is something I must do to impress my mum first. Besides the unwanted nagging along the way, I guess its still handle-able.

Handsome leh? Don't give me the puking face please.

Bowling. Not very fond of it but still enjoyable. At last I learnt how to throw a straight release while the ball is spinning horizontally. *a sense of proud within myself*

Have you ever seen packets of KFC inside McDonald? Talk about fondness of fast foods

Shisha. I bet this is quite rare for people to dig this fun thing. This is a hookah. People use this to smoke weed. In shisha's case, you will be smoking flavoured fumes. Its not addictive, non lung-blackening and it comes with different fruit flavours. Nice eh? Recommended to serious smokers.

Big Apple Doughnuts. A big hit for the local community for its exquisite taste and texture of the sweet-to-the-heart delicacy. Hard to resist for a big bite on that fluffy piece of UMPH!

Internet Mahjong. An entertaining game for gamblers like me. At least this does not hurt me from the wallet's condition. go check it out.

Last night went out with the gang to Vince's house to welcome Reuben back from his NS.

Ingredients: a bottle of booze, books, a deck of cards, phones and money.

Alwin getting high from listening to sentimental songs.

Reuben looking at..... *ahem* We are the holiest boys you can ever find in PJ. Right?

Driving home at 1am. Where's the Tiger bottle? Oops.