Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Greetings from TooSmart in Happyville.

Merry Christmas people. Maybe you all might wonder why I am posting this before the actual date. For your information, I am going back to Teluk Intan with my family to celebrate Xmas and New Year. How sad. So I take this chance to wish every single happy soul here a very merry christmas and happy new year. May all the best comes to you all and stay happy.

Free publicity

Stay away from the Christmas Poo!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Tong Zi or 'Tong Yuin Day'!

If you people does not understand what is Tong Zi or Tong Yuin, I can forgive you, unless you are a Chinese. Tong Zi is a traditional celebration for the Chinese people. They eat Tong Yuin this day. Simple and effective.

The Tong Yuin.

My dad and my mom woke up at 6 and went to morning market to buy the ingredients to make these special Tong Yuins with green bean paste inside. I ate it for my breakfast. And I realised something....

Alien growth beneath my sole!

It was itchy and the skin is rough and hard. I poked it with needle and I cannot feel anything. Damn! Later on, my family and I went to Courts Megastore in Mutiara Damansara. My mom planned to get the 9 bucks toaster!

During the grand opening event.

Further on, we make our way to my aunt's house in Kepong for a family dinner.

The Kampung feel.

My dad's cooking with the help from his nephew.

Watching my younger cousin brother playing Ragnarok Online.

The feast.

More Tong Yuins.

My uncle is fond of antiques and old stuffs. He collects them as his hobby. His latest prized possession is this camera which is around 50-60 years old. Very high precision and tech savvy.

Costs around 1k during the 50's leh!

An ordinary outing #2

Momo, Reuben, Alwin, Vince and me went to Mid Valley to catch a movie as well as to bid farewell to Momo who is going to Melaka for National Service. Took bus with Alwin early in the morning after he finished playing Dota in my house. Met up with Reuben while taking the bus. With money running low on supply, better not to overspend.

Now RapidKLs have television for passengers' viewing pleasures. TransNet.

Arrived early and saw a group of fairies marching by.

The Dulan Breakfast set at McRetard.

Fellow readers, please take note that the McDonald restaurant on the top floor beside GSC is highly not recommended for people with high customer satisfactory level. What happened to me is I approached the counter and ordered a Sausage Mcmuffin Set with a cup of tea which cost only RM4.00 and I personally pointed the meal to the girl there. She gave me the RM7.95 set! Blardy hell... I thought it was just some mistake but then when Reuben ordered the same thing as mine previously, she gave the EXACT same set to him. Way to go McRetard employee of the century!

National Treasure 2

The movie was awesome. 8/10! Nicholas Cage so handsome and Diane Kruger so leng!

Went pooling after the movie. Addiction of pool. Must play~ must~

Lunch at Burger King.

Bowling. Reuben won with a score of 90!

We went The Gardens for 'sightseeing' as Reuben have not been there before.

Crazy fountain. Check it out if you all have a chance.

Fat Face!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Futsal+Midnight Mamak=Fatigue

Yesterday, Chii Xiang organised another futsal session in Sportsbarn. Only 9 of us turned up and tire ourselves for 2 hours. After the kicking action, I played a game of pool versus Shin Tom. And I cannot believe I lost! Sheer luck!

Let the game begin.

Injury! *blows whistle*

Gimme the ball!

Gold digger.

The basket who beated me in pool.

A blink of an eye later around 11.30, Nazrin drove his Savvy to fetch me,Reu and Jian to Nasi Kandar Penang in New Town for a group yamcha session. Everyone was late and we had to chill there for a moment while walking to 7-11 looking for poker cards.

Susu panas lembu

When Razman came, we pranked him by saying as if we were there already and asking him to look for us while we were hiding at the far end of the restaurant. Funny moments.

*Aku tak nampak kau lah!*

Later on the whole gang was here and began to chat and eat and drink and chat all night long. Jian could not resist his lame senses and began telling lame and cold jokes.

*You want some PeKing Duck?*

I could not hold myself to notice an Indian dude sitting inside his car puking for like 20 minutes.

Too dark!

We stayed there until 3 then we went home by Naz's car. Had a wonderful time blabbering whole night.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lin's farewell party

A farewell party was held inside Millenium Square for Lin Yi as she was going for National Service together with a few others. Thanks to Haylena for providing her place to make this event a successful one. Many turned up for this fantastic pool party.

A few of us gathered at Piccadilly first while waiting for others to arrive.


Lets follow the leader.

The pool.

PJ landscape scenery.


Eventually, we caught our first victim for the pool-splurge game we came up with. Congrats to Vincent Choo!


One. Two. Three! Wheee!

Alas he got butt-cramped. Hmm everyone is getting hungry. Wheres the food?

Our dinner.

Later on, more food 'arrived' to cure the hunger and thrist of all party-ers. After eating its time for a dip inside the chilling H2O.


The shy PeiHau.

By 10, everyone got out from the pool and changed and headed to Piccadilly for a yamcha session.

Future Ketua Rempit.

Virgin Watermelon Margarita.

Black pepper Lamb Chop.

Veal Bratswurst.


The colourful peoples.

The NS people.

Me and Mr.Bulu


Me and Miss Jane.

Me and Lin Yi.

Hehe! We shall meet again after you finished serving NS!