Monday, June 28, 2010

Am I an alcoholic?

Perhaps I enjoy drinking as much as anyone would do... or maybe not just anyone. Definitely I drink only the times when I get to enjoy with my friends because alcohol will sure make things lively..literally. HAHAHA!! Just like how I conjure up this glass of Vodka Lime cocktail and enjoyed it among my two housemates. It tastes so much better than just mixing it with regular soft drinks. My first time mixing cocktail.. not bad!!

Presenting... My Lemon Lime Vodka with a tinge of World Cup Fever!!

Too bad the vodka is finishing due to only little leftovers from the BBQ party in Jia Yun's house last Saturday... Well....Yeng Mou!!!

Well, the story begins like this...

Preparation starts around 5pm..

Erection of Reuben's tripod barbeque pit
Tech-efficiency utilization FTW!
Removal of age-long stains since the last time we one experience stomach ache after that night?

Preparation of coleslaw by a swarm of people.. I started it first!!
JY's mum home-toasted pizza
Eating in the dark
Birthday duo...
Roadside Mamak-style plate washing
Commencing drinking session..
Getting ready to 'drunkened'
"Ya ready to be spiked!?" (Glowing weh!)
Reu:"Finally! Time to get wasted"
Jen:"Hmmm.... ?"
Jian:"Oh shit.. will I puke again this time?" (haha just joking, no offence kay?)
Lee Cheng: *do not know what is going on*
Alwin: "Yeah! Bring it on!"
Jia Yun:" Bieber blast! Hoodoog! Korrnniinakupp!"
Chan:" How many glasses I can withstand so that I can reach home safely..?"
Seng:" According to this book, we must takei after drinking. Takeilu..."
Vince: Do I get to see u guys naked if you're drunk? *smirks*

Reactions after hearing what Vince said
Reu:"Vince, You can take Chan.. he is passing out anytime soon."Reu:"If not you can take Jian, see how succulent his toes are."

Moral of the story
"Embrace the alcoholism and live prosper."

By the way,my dear bought a pair of Crocs for me because she lost a bet to me.. Haha!! I am not mistreating her okay? I did treat her to a meal before that.. a bet is a bet!! >_<

Don't be jealous okay? HAHAHA!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I wanna be Spiderman..

Check out the big spider we caught in Ed's room yesterday night. Smaller in size compared to the one found in my bathroom some time ago.. Now we got a new kind of pet. FYI, we had a frog and a lizard before.

We tried feeding it with multiple kind of bugs we found around.. Crabbie(due to its crab-like shell abdomen) is quite picky when it comes to food. He/She only eat flies.. Haha! Crazy young people in Kampar!! Check out the eight-eye cock stare.. 8 times the cockiness!!

Feed meh!!

It looks like he/she want a piece of me!!

Well, I spent my whole day in the Heritage Hall of UTAR helping out for the Talentime event tomorrow. It is a showcase on students' talents cater for the new intakes to come and enjoy a spectacular performance. I am helping out on the program setup and coordination of performance. Perhaps an update on this event tomorrow?

I came back at 3pm and took care of my precious since I have not really pamper him for a long long time. I gave him the tender loving care he has been yearning ever since. It took me a tenious 2 hours to clean him up and make him shiny as the bling-bling. Haha! I am just refering to my car, not any guy.. =P

The muscular booty

The fiery strike

The utmost elegance

The curvy comfort

The sturdy glare

Fooh!! Off to work in campus again..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spain FTW!!

A mixed feeling of joy and despair has befallen upon me. Hmm.. yesterday night Henry invited me and Tayshawn and one more coursemate of theirs for a drinking night while watching the match between Portugal and Ivory Coast. I am quite dissapointed with Portugal's performance especially Cristiano Ronaldo. I must say his theatrics and diving techniques is beyond godlike, he could have fooled the referee, but not the multi-angled spectators like us. Well, I must say the referee is kind of blur on the field as well. Enough Portugal, lets talk about my favourite La Furia Espanola(Spain). I must say the odds of Spain winning this World Cup is high. Come on, just by looking at the squad members, you know something great is going to come out from these elite footballers. Star strikers Fernando Torres and David Villa will sure pack a 'punchful' on the opposition. Perhaps the greatest of all strengths for Spain is their midfield play. With Xavi, Xabi Alonso, Iniesta,Fabregas and Silva, it is totally flawless. As for defence, I am sure these players like Pique, Ramos and Puyol would get their job done. Never forgetting the arguably best goalkeeper in the world, Saint Iker(Casillas).

Speaking of this, I could not resist the chance of getting something to wear to show my support, so me and Tayshawn dropped by the Al-Ikhsan in Kampar to have a look. We found ourselves a couple of shirts that we liked and bought it. He support Argentina so he got a awesome-looking shirt. As for me, I got the shirt as displayed below:

Cool eh?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog Revived!

Sorry for the uber long hiatus. Its 4.15am now and I cannot think of anything to do. Since a lot of you people have been urging me to continue my blog, I think its time for me to continue to do so. So what's for starters? Hmm....

I gained weight. A lot. Yes its so sad... Diet plan is not going as expected as well.. Determination fail.. guess I need some motivation to fortify my determination. Apa boleh buat ni...?

Now I am still in Kampar, Perak doing my Business Admin. in UTAR. Year 2 already, senior kot.. haha!! Oh, I got a new housemate as well. Introducing a member of my legion of Brathers, Mr. Tayshawn Lee. *applause*

That's my MP5, used for armed robberies and terrorism activities.

Well, the Bratherhood is gradually reducing its influence with the departure of two of our closest Brathers, Mr. Jeff Ng to pursue his studies in Singapore and Mr. Rick Cheah to go back to PJ to realise his celeb chef dream.

As traditions pass down from one to another, a farewell BBQ session followed up by boozing and performing crazy antics is a must for our legion of Bratherhood.

List of food include marinated chicken(black pepper and masala), butter cheese dory fillets, bacon slices, bacon cubes, stewed peanuts, tofu puffs, sausages, mantou bun etc....

It ain't a party without these...



More after effects...

After that, we had the craziest drinking game ever, after modifications from our previous attempts which had already K.O.-ed a few people who dared to face the challenge. What a pity no photos were taken. But its still a blessing because it would revoke our memory of that extraordinary yet painful experience. *cough*sesameoil*cough*

List of ingredients for our "cocktail" mixing includes sesame oil(killer!), knife cooking oil(puke-inducing), yogurt drink(blackcurrant taste, still okay), coke(basic lah!), 7-up(also basic), honey star(extremely deadly with oil), choki-choki(it helps), scott emulsion(personally, its bad), (soy sauce(FTW!!!), chilli sauce(hmm.. not bad), oregano powder(banned because it neutralise the gory flavour), iron pills(from donating blood XD), orange juice(basic..) together with our Vat 69 Scotch Whisky and Absolut Vodka.

Fooh! I think that's all for now.. promise you guys I will update as often as I can from now on! Blogging mojo FTW!!

By the way, I am rooting for Spain in this on going World Cup!! All-stars Spaniard team for the win!! Peace!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My first time @ Ministry Of Sound- Euphoria

A very big thanks to a certain someone, I get to experience the superb entertainment offered by one of the finest clubs in Sunway. Yes, me as a clubbing virgin, broke the rules and defy the law of nature, by entering into the world of great music and dance moves. HAHAHAHA!!!

In conjunction with Hot magazine's 5th anniversary, a big celebration was held yesterday. Renowned DJ pair Vandalism was present, bringing ground-shaking electro tracks to the dancefloor. DJ Patrick Oliver took over the beat after that.

Rudy and Moots from as emcees.

There's DJ Andy Van with his sexy vocalist Cassie Van. Awesome!!

I find that Euphoria is really a nice dance club with its clean and safe environment. Everyone present there seem very decent and knows how to party like the way they should be. Topped up with free flow of liquor from the bar(while stock last though... I still get a few glasses of vodka cocktails and Chivas mixers), it was really an enjoyable night.

My first time meeting Kenny Sia. =D

Shooters - Sex On The Beach, Blowjob and Test Tube Baby

Corona with slice of lime

A glimpse on the dancefloor.

Well, I had a great night indeed. Looking forward to my next visit already. Haha! Till then..

When the pain is gone...

They just had to remind you. Next time, the warranty for such expensive product should cover for theft. T_T

Friday, October 2, 2009

Semester One down!

Finally.... a well deserved 3 weeks break from the hellish finals examinations of my Semester One in UTAR, Kampar. Glad to be back to PJ and live back the usual life. Most importantly, I am back home. Nothing is better than my dad's home cooked food and mom's care. Haha call me a mommy's boy, I admit it.... Hehehe!

The ultimate procrastinator like me does not deserve passing marks for examinations. Seriously. I must have been a really good person in the past, good karma I guess. ^^v

Behold, the guilty,stoned,sleepless and sinful face

Memorizing law notes

Can die....

During exam..

Exam hall..

Anyway, past is past. Look at the present, I am back and enjoying my holidays to the maximum yo! Instead of busy studying, I am busy scheduling my everyday events. More stressful than studies weh.. Haha just joking. I long for this break since the day I picked up my book and start studying. Yeah that is like, so long ago. HAHAHAHA!!

I shall be updating this blog from time to time now.. since I am free. Any folks of you seeing this, call me up and we shall chill together while I am still around PJ okay? Hehe..