Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I ROFL-ed when I looked at the title. But after reading the news, I am speechless. Then I ROFL again.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kampar Comeback #6

I am so lazy to blog nowadays... for more information on my happenings recently, please visit my housemate Edward's blog. He got a new layout. Sibeh nice you know....

Claire's farewell gathering yesterday night. She is leaving UTAR. Another one.. Good luck!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kampar Comeback #5

It is the beginning of July. Half a year has gone for '09. Wow..... what the heck?!

I went back PJ last weekend and I had a really good time meeting up with people and had a blast while at it. I really admit I really do miss PJ a lot. The lifestyle, the groupies, the food. It is almost perfect comparing with my life at Kampar. The main thing is, I overspent my money buying clothes and new sound system.

My desk

Mrs. Butterfly resting on my bathroom wall

Mr. Moth resting on my Fierce Myvi

I am facing extreme shortage of liquidity cash now. With the rental and utility bills to settle, I only left a minuscule sum of money to spend on my daily meals and petrol. Time for me to save up and not to spend so much anymore!!

Oh well.... Despite the lack of money, I never fail to seek excitement and pleasure, indulging myself in outdoor activities. Enjoy while still can... haha!

Lata Kinjang Waterfall

The entrance


Group photo =D


Glaring water...

Gushing water...


At night, Jeff and Tayshawn being so generous treated me and Rick beer and "Psst Psst". Hahaha!! They hit jackpot already I guess.. A big thanks to both of them! Rock on!!

Better than nothing...

To end this post:

I tell myself one day I will climb up to the top of the waterfall
No matter how hard it would be
Looking at the sharp rocks and steep cliffs
My hands shake and my legs tremble
The fear within me prohibits myself from making the first step
But equipped with a heavy heart and strong faith
I brace myself with all the determination and courage I could muster
Despite the mighty strength possessed by the gushing water
or the power of the spine-chilling wind
I fear no challenges
If fate decided that I would succeed in reaching the top of the mountain
I will still plunge myself to the depths
No matter how much it will cost me
Even to the extent of risking myself being sucked into the currents
Because one day
Whether I live through the risk I have taken or not
It will always be my legacy
As I can say to myself I did it because I believe in myself