Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summing up my Week 9

Okay... I have been feeling exhausted throughout the week... Due date for assignmentsis coming up faster than ever.... Oh by the way, I am also feeling rich... Just got my Chairman Award for my excellence in SPM. 'Excellence' konon...... 700 bucks will be gone in matter of seconds... I just only spent 500 bucks making my new specs... Chun giler leh.... wait till you see the uber-ness of my new specs....

Now I got 3 of them... UPSR, PMR and SPM.

Get ready to feel the difference.

My celebration meal after getting the award

Latest addition to Weng's gadgetry vault

Back to the lab...

Addition of concentrated sulphuric acid

Making Oolong Tea

Beautiful bubble effects done by Yen Yee

Whye Houng doing titration

You don't mess with the Zohan and The Dark Knight are both thumbs up movies. Just watched them recently. One is another Adam Sandler's kaboosh creation, another is 'why so serious....' awesome.

midnight movie mayhem

lonely lane lameness

dark dorm delay

Friday, July 18, 2008

The amazing alarm clock

Yesterday morning I accidentally dropped my alarm clock when I woke up. Straight away it went cuckoo... I thought this is the end of it so I removed the batteries and put it away...but when I came back from UTAR....

No batteries...

But its freaking working!

Well, anyway previously I invited Pei Hau to go to the Hancock Private Screening organised by Nuffnang together. Not a very pleasant event as I don't really get to interact with the Nuffnangers there but still the movie rocks.

The booth

Thank you, Nuffnang! By the way, check out Pei Hau's post on this event. Worth seeing because got my face there haha!

Having Computer Studies exam tomorrow and yet i haven't even start studying. I am so screwed....

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The craziest post ever

Hohoho... its a Saturday afternoon and I am rotting in my room, ignoring the presence of my pile of homework again.... I want to go out and hang out and chill out and pass out! Anyway, a little insight of my daily classes in UTAR..

Econs lecture going on. Ms. Mel is really funny and she likes to share her stories of life with us to keep us awake haha! Apparently her brother Andrew is a famous DJ which appeared in TheStar before.

Me gazing off the ceiling. Or maybe sleeping with eyes open...

Notes on the table...

The scene you see here is when the class just started, After 30 minutes, 30% will be busy talking, 30% sleeping and the rest pretending to listen to the lecture. Maybe 10% out from this group were really listening.

The chiobu beside me doing her Biology report while attending Econs lecture. That is why I say too much lab reports are bad for us to concentrate in class haha!

The reading room. Or I called it the Noise room. Noisy celaka betul la...

While inside the Bio lab doing centrifugation. Mr. Teh, the lab officer said this centrifugation machine cost a price which is similar to a Kancil. The chunner ones can cost up to a Banglo.

Playing basketball in ss2. Again. Almost everyday.

Yesterday was Friday. As expected, another crazy escapade of drunk teenagers....

Gamble, Alcohol and Ashtrays. Well you can ignore the ashtray. We don't smoke anyway. Just to make this picture look more evil only. Haha!

Tom enjoying the essence of fresh longkang smell while trying to create some essence of his own.

Where to go now?

Arrived at Taman Jaya at 12 o'clock midnight. All thanks to Lin's great idea. Crazy peoples.

Eventually we saw a 6-feet snake near the water drain trying to swim upshore. Everyone like 'OMGWTFBBQ!' Due to my drunkness, I sort of scared it away while trying to take a picture. Haih.... wasted la....

Hanging around the playground feeling eerie. Did'n know the excitement is about to come..

Micheal Jackson's thriller revised version!

The torture chambers of Taman Jaya

The two-way arse pain-inflictor
See the person walking by behind. He was not there....

The jackass hanger
Reuben was decapitated....

The non-stop Keep-running-till-you-die machine
Lin seems to enjoy it...

And so are we... Why Reuben's there? Isn't he is supposed to be dead?

The Hang-on-unless-wanna-die contraption
Up to three person per round...

The maze of webs
Took Seng 3 hours to get out...

Now I know why we aren't allowed to go there....