Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I got tagged!

Well thanks a lot Mei Kuen. You gave me something to blog about! Here goes....

Three things that scare me.
1. Cockroach(I kill them a lot although I'm quite scared of them)

3. Heavy load of work

Three people who make me laugh.
1. Reuben (always with the dirty jokes)
2. Shin Tom(with his gay+apek antics)
3. Kenny Sia(his awesome posts always packed with serious humor)

Three things I love.
1. Playing various kind of sport, ranging from basketball, pool, badminton etc...
2. Eating and drinking whatever that has quality and class, ranging from pricey food to alcohol
3. Doing what I do most. Online.

Three things I hate.
1. The ever growing pimples on my face
2. No money!
3. People with lanci face. Or they are just plain lanci.

Three things I don't understand.
1. Love
2. Education
3. Human

Three things currently on my desk.
1. My wallet
2. Old Master Q comics borrowed from Yung
3. TV and DVD remote control

Three things I'm doing right now.
1. MSN
2. WBLE-ing (a UTAR site for students to download notes and etc.)
3. Listening to AOL online radio in Winamp

Three things I want to do before I die.
1. Have at least 50 million dollar worth of assets
2. Found my one and only true love
3. Be famous

Three things I can do.
1. Shit
2. Eat
3. Sleep
(What? They did not state I must point out something unique mah....)

Three things I can't do.
1. Menstruate

2. PMS
3. Kill myself

Three things I think you should listen to.
1. Myself
2. Elders
3. Parents

Three things you should never listen to.
1. Stupid people but acting smart
2. Government
3. Strangers

Three things I’d like to learn.
1. Learn how to be a successful person.
2. Learn all forms of martial arts in the world.
3. Learn how to speak all the major languages in the world.

Three favourite food.
1. Home cooked food
2. Pizza
3. Fresh Fruits

Beverages I drink regularly.
1. Water lah..what else?
2. Carlsberg
3. Fruit juice

Three shows I watched as a kid.
1. Kamen Rider
2. Power Rangers
3. Thundercats

Three people I'm tagging.
1. Anyone A
2. Anyone B
3. Anyone C

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My second day in UTAR

Today was the second day for the orientation program for the freshies. Its an ice-breaking session and telematch. We were told to prepare ourselves to get wet and wild. So I think this can be fun and enjoyable.

At last it turned out to be Before that, I woke up and reached PB block at around 7.15am. There was a clump of people already standing by the parking grounds. Had to wait till 8 then all of us proceed into the auditorium. Inside there, I got the chance to talk to a few dudes and made some new friends. Mainly all of them are from outstations. The emcees did their job quite well on this event. *Thank God!* We were divided into 16 groups with each an animal name as the groupname. I got the Sheep! Well plenty of interesting activities were held, like a survey where you have a piece of paper where a number of criteria was filled and you need to find a specific person that matches the criteria. Then, we had a lame session creating our new group name and group call. We are the Friend-Sheeps yeh! I altered "We are the champions" and used it as our group call. How....lame!

The telematch was better! So many fun stuff we did out there! Like the Niagara Waterfalls where we had to pour the water from a bucket to a bottle to a bottle cap by positioning those item on top of our head facing each of our backs. There's this Make-the-longest-line where we had to put any belongings we have to create a long line.One of my groupmate was so macho enough he took off his jeans, leaving his ballsacks dangling beneath his undies! He was advised to wear back but he refused. Really.....grabbed(Cha Dou) by his actions....

I had to say today's event really went well. Congratulations to the organizing committee and the FAS freshies who showed up today!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My first day in UTAR a.k.a. a WTF experience!

After attending this orientation, I had my serious doubts whether I have made a right choice coming to study in this prestigious university. I purposely woke up early this morning and reached the PA block at 8. The registration was supposed to start at 8.30. At last I realized I made a mistake that I was supposed to be in PC block. Had to trouble Reuben's mom to send me back there after dropping the bunch of Arts in PD.

Well, I reached PC at exactly 8.30. Guess how long the queue was? Imagine the first student up inside room 203 at the 3rd floor of the faculty building right out to the faculty building gates. Excellent! So I had to wait like crazy just like the rest did just for a piece of 'nice' shirt and 'goodie' bags. After around 45 minutes of shitty times, I was up at the 3rd floor.

Suddenly I saw a handsome young man. He struts down the doorway like a perfect gentleman. He opens his puffy lips and said: " I am sorry ladies and gentlemen. We are out of stock for the T-shirt and the goodie bags. You can come to the DSA(Department of Student Affairs) to collect your stuff by next Tuesday."


Well, there was still a freaking crowd behind me so all of us went in a fairly large hall for the proceedings of the orientation. It is very crowded inside. All I can say is from 1 to 10, the coordination of this orientation rates a 3. Even the starting of this speech by the emcees also went awkward. The video presentation was playing without audio, they had to find the technician and pulling and plugging those ports for 2 minutes, at last when they opened the volume bar in their laptop, its freaking off! Blurness! And did I mentioned some of the speakers up the stage are using broken English? This is really...... I don't know what to say...


After those bla-bla-black-sheep-you-have-any-wool crap, I met Davin. We went to the block cafeteria for lunch. Yet again, the queue was bad. We had to pick these small papers on a board just to pick the type of food you want. Waited quite a while for the food and worse, it doesn't taste nice and in small portion.....


After finishing our lunch, we headed back to the hall. Before that, we were looking for the Gents. Guess what, although the tiling of both the toilet in 3rd floor was different, both of them are LADIES! WTFREAK!!! They put two LADIES on top of the building and where the hell do men pee? Had to go down and search for the toilet.

After listening to the rest of the crap, I wished I can get out of this place AFAIC. I hope I have the courage to endure this for the next.....few years? I hope this can be better. At least by tomorrow because we are having some ice breaking session and telematch

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just for some updates

Notice: Some blardy imbecile is using my name and posting some real 'nice' stuff on other people's chatbox. Take note, I am an angelic person you know.

Recently went back to school to register for Form 6 although I am not going to study Form 6. Seriously the amount of student registering for Form 6 is way too little. Well, I already paid my UTAR first semester today after much fuss. So I guess I won't be looking back anymore.

Chillaxing in Paandi.

Last night, 6 of us were inside Yung's Perdana for some mamak session. Bored of Picca and Murni, we went Taman Mayang and was trying to find out where is this Riley's. End up sitting in some chinese restaurant and went OPPOSITE Riley's for some cheap snooker. Too bad Yung must go back early.

I can't breathe~

10 minutes of reverse parking.

Just went Curve for some family time. End up in Friday's. Its food-clobbering time! Not to mention alcoholicious! *I have been drinking too much. Time to cut down*

I like Fridays. But I need more money to endure Fridays.

Finest at its best

Ultimate Lime Margarita

Mac & Cheese. Doesn't look like one huh?

Chicken Wings

Cheese Chicken with mashed potato and buttered vegetables

Fish & Chips

Cookies & Cream

Oh ya, check out my latest blings on my Crocs.

Jibbitz yo! Dey don't go more scarier than this ya'll dig!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Crocs is a type of drug!

I just came back from Murni. Piccadilly damn packed with red jerseys and blue jerseys...... Oh what the heck! ManU won, Chelsea draw with Bolton...what else? Oh ya, went Mid Valley with mum.... Waited 2 hours for that U85 to show up.

I remember people used to say Crocs shoes are freaking ugly and despise them so much. I used to be one of them. How can someone wear a clown shoe and look cool? Until now.....

Clown me baby~!

Mum's Cyprus

The sole of Crocs is orgasmly soft and comfortable. Some more now they came up with so many designs... I just feel like buying one of every single pair they had on sale. After that you can call me Crocking! Haha!

Well, going back SAS for Form 6 registration while waiting for the approval from UTAR. Who knows I might end up in Form 6? What are the chances? *thinks* pretty chii~ yes thats the one and only chance!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's day seems like my day

I have an unusual habit. The money does not stay inside my wallet for more than a week. Someone wanna volunteer to take care of my money so that I won't be a big spender? *I know what you thinking*

Well, long time didn't go shopping with my mum already. In conjunction with the upcoming mother's day, who cares. As long my dad is paying the stuff, indirectly. (I pay first, then claim from him)

I planned to buy something for my mum as we went to 1U. But turned up I bought more stuff for myself than buying for her. I got her a pair of shoes and a blouse. I got myself two pair of jeans and a Crocs. I have been wondering why this particular brand of shoe is so 'special'. I couldn't resist the temptation of pulling out the 50's out of my wallet.

It roars.

Went to GSC to watch "My wife is a gambling maestro". Another excellent production by Wong Jing. I'm damn impressed by this film director. He had such a talent in making such funny movies all these years. Not to mention the main actress in this movie is OMGfully hot. 9.9/10!

At night, went Curve for another trip. Now very tired. *falls down and sleep*

Once again, Happy mother's day to all!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Almost one month I did not post anything up already. Evidence of laziness! Lets start from scratch! I went back to MSD for a quick 3-day telemarketing job recently continued by Fuji Xerox again. They just cannot let me go because I am such an efficient worker. Due to boredom, Reuben and me had to use the phone to play prank on two lucky selected person, Alwin and Queenie.

Reuben disguised as Mr. Ahmad, a job agent from the current agency who gave us the jobs to inform Alwin he has lost his current job at Levi's due to poor performance.
VERDICT: He felt for the prank.

Reuben disguised as Mr. Romel Gomez, a talent agency calling up Queenie for a role in the upcoming commercial.
VERDICT: She is too smart for us to prank.

Nice view from outside the Pangkor Meeting Room.

Finally I got my 'Wheels of Freedom' from my mum. She finally let me to drive alone or use the car for personal purposes. But limited of course! I would be going out everyday to exotic locations if my limitations are unlimited. How limited!

Taken outside my house.

Posing with Reuben's sunglasses.

Oh yeah! I dislocated my right ankle during a basketball session last friday due to a faulty landing. Pain until! Went to the chinese Wong-Fei-Hung place in ss14 to fix it. The sifu performed a WWE leg lock to put my ankle back into position. Bones cracking experience. I nearly pissed myself!

Went back to school yesterday for some Hari Anugerah Cemerlang presentation ceremony.

Till then.