Saturday, October 3, 2009

My first time @ Ministry Of Sound- Euphoria

A very big thanks to a certain someone, I get to experience the superb entertainment offered by one of the finest clubs in Sunway. Yes, me as a clubbing virgin, broke the rules and defy the law of nature, by entering into the world of great music and dance moves. HAHAHAHA!!!

In conjunction with Hot magazine's 5th anniversary, a big celebration was held yesterday. Renowned DJ pair Vandalism was present, bringing ground-shaking electro tracks to the dancefloor. DJ Patrick Oliver took over the beat after that.

Rudy and Moots from as emcees.

There's DJ Andy Van with his sexy vocalist Cassie Van. Awesome!!

I find that Euphoria is really a nice dance club with its clean and safe environment. Everyone present there seem very decent and knows how to party like the way they should be. Topped up with free flow of liquor from the bar(while stock last though... I still get a few glasses of vodka cocktails and Chivas mixers), it was really an enjoyable night.

My first time meeting Kenny Sia. =D

Shooters - Sex On The Beach, Blowjob and Test Tube Baby

Corona with slice of lime

A glimpse on the dancefloor.

Well, I had a great night indeed. Looking forward to my next visit already. Haha! Till then..

When the pain is gone...

They just had to remind you. Next time, the warranty for such expensive product should cover for theft. T_T

Friday, October 2, 2009

Semester One down!

Finally.... a well deserved 3 weeks break from the hellish finals examinations of my Semester One in UTAR, Kampar. Glad to be back to PJ and live back the usual life. Most importantly, I am back home. Nothing is better than my dad's home cooked food and mom's care. Haha call me a mommy's boy, I admit it.... Hehehe!

The ultimate procrastinator like me does not deserve passing marks for examinations. Seriously. I must have been a really good person in the past, good karma I guess. ^^v

Behold, the guilty,stoned,sleepless and sinful face

Memorizing law notes

Can die....

During exam..

Exam hall..

Anyway, past is past. Look at the present, I am back and enjoying my holidays to the maximum yo! Instead of busy studying, I am busy scheduling my everyday events. More stressful than studies weh.. Haha just joking. I long for this break since the day I picked up my book and start studying. Yeah that is like, so long ago. HAHAHAHA!!

I shall be updating this blog from time to time now.. since I am free. Any folks of you seeing this, call me up and we shall chill together while I am still around PJ okay? Hehe..