Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome, T650i!

Life is so sad... During the studying times, I always think about holidays. When having my holidays, I miss studying. Cancel that off, I do not miss studying actually. I am only being lifeless in my house. Wanted to find a temporary job to earn a few pennies but could not get any. Well its only 2 more weeks till second semester begins. I finally found a phone to replace my temporary Nokia 2600 classic today. Was planning to get W910i or W890i at first, but eventually bought T650i due to the dealer's recommendation. Better not to be too picky...This is my fourth time of changing handphone already. The first phone I remember I had was a Nokia 2100 during Form 2. It was a compact and handy phone.

Not long after that, my dad got me a Nokia 6600 for my 15th birthday if I am not mistaken. One of the'count-one-count-two 'canggih-est' phone already during that time. I was pretty contented with that phone. So fat like me haha.

After I finish Form 4, I had the chance to switch to a better one as my dad wants to get a camera during that time. I suggested getting a camera phone instead, eventually I took that opportunity to get a camera phone for myself. Hehe.... SE K810i would be one of the best for its kind.

Unfortunately, it was 'drowned' at..... Oh my..I just realised its on September 11. No wonder so bad luck!

As for now, I hope that the SE T650i can last me for at least 1 year or more. With the solid build of stainless steel cover and mineral glass screen I am sure someone as less-care (careless is inappropriate because I am very careful person, just that sometimes I ignore the importance of it only) as me would not have much problem then.


Friday, September 19, 2008


Well, last Mathematics paper I am going to sit tomorrow, where as now I am still half dreaming-half trying very hard to digest the Maths notes. Hopefully I can pass it as my test marks only 15/40. I know, its a really sad case. No point for disappointments. Serve my arse right for not studying hard. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I am so damn lazy and unfocused on my studies? Isn't absorbing the knowledge of life supposed to be fun? Why someone please tell me. I hope I can be turn into a geek overnight. Geeks are smart. Maybe a cool geek who had a lot of friends sound better? Or a cool rich geek who had a lot of friends and bright future instead? Dayem!

Hey that spectacles looked like mine.

My new idol

Speaking of geeks, I thought of this man here. Maybe you all don't know who is this guy here, but anyone who had watched Superhero Movie may have a clue. (Getting head stuck to a bee hive ring a bell?) His name is Stephen Hawking, a physicist, not a common physicist but a Dayem! impressive physicist. He is paralysed yet he is able to come out with such Dayem! theories and stuff. So now I should be really ashamed of myself don't you think? Dayem!

Okay now I am not concentrating on my revision yet again, blogging here... Everytime I look at the clock only increases my tension and fear of not being able to finish revising. If I fail my Maths, I am going to have to repeat the course for 3 months. Oh god please help me! Dayem!

Fishy fishy fishy!
Dad got himself some fishies and a tortoise. Apparently these animals are going to end up in his stomach sooner or later (hopefully not mine). The fishes are known as 'Wat Ko' in cantonese and the tortoise we seeing here is actually not really the general tortoise we know. Does 'Sui Yu' (Water Fish) sounds familiar to you people? I am going to enjoy the 'disection' process that is going to be unleashed by my dad. Dayem!

My phone's dead, so now I am taking these photos with my new digital camera bought during the Diethelm warehouse sale. 7.2 MP only la... cheap cheap can use can already lo...


Thursday, September 11, 2008

R.I.P. My dearest cellphone

Its been a while. Not that I am lazy or what, just don't have anything to blog about. And thanks to my semester finals going on, I am feeling so down... Worried? I cannot differentiate what emotions I am having nowadays. I should have went to Arts rather than Science. Study Business rather than Biotechnology....

Why the title? I cycled to ss2 for basketball. Eventually I put my tumbler and my phone + wallet wrapped inside a plastic bag because scared later the phone kena scratch. Being the usual ignorant me, I didn't realise the bottle cap is prone to open anytime easily. When I reached the court, I noticed my bag was dripping water. At that moment I knew It was totally submerged inside the water..... Should I say more? I feeling really down right now..

Under ICU treatment

Unfortunately cannot be saved...

Rest in peace my dear friend