Thursday, November 29, 2007

An ordinary outing

Today the groupies had an outing to Mid Valley Megamall. Me myself woke up early today to prepare for the outing as Alwin and Yung Khang came to my house to go there together. I am seriously getting fatter and slimming down is the only option for me to wear my long pants and jeans. Damn~!

Ng Kit was already there waiting for us when we arrived. Decided to watch 'Balls of Fury' as Jia Yun, Kok Hoe and Sin Hui joined up.

Advertisements are legal to be recorded.

Overall a good movie. Very funny indeed. Not to mention awkward romance between the main actor and Maggie Q.

Bowling is the next activity we did. (What else?) So fun today as I scored my first 100 in a game with only 2 strikes. The Malay dude occupying the lane beside us is a Uber GG-fied PROfessional. His rather weird but effective spinning throw gave him over 200 points in every single game.

Next we went to Nando's for lunch. All 7 of us ate 135 bucks worth of food. Very hurting to the pockets! As time flies, Brewball Pool Club is the next destination. Pssttt! we are not 18 yet! Hahaha! No one cares.

Not to say I am exaggerating, I had improved a lot and I mean A LOT in pool. Natural talents? Or pure luck? They can judge! Hahahaha!

This post is very short as I am running out of time. Till then. I feel sorry for the rest who could not attend this outing like Reuben,Vincent,Chi Sin etc.

TOTAL CASH SPENT: RM 70.50!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Congratulations to TooSmart for achieving 4th job as a bishop!

The day after SPM!

Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah
Penilaian Menengah Rendah
Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

These had been a past for me. 11 years of compulsory study had been accomplished, 6 years in SJK (C) Puay Chai, PJ and 5 years in SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, PJ. It is excited yet sad to leave my school. Life must go on right? More challenges awaits me in the future road to glory! Or road to despair? I really hope I can get GOOD results for my SPM. I got 7As for UPSR, 6As for PMR, and yet I don't need the 5As for SPM!!! Time flies where I just only recalled the day before SPM starts and I was panicking all over it.

It was just like the day where we were arranging tables to face the upcoming battle. I will definitely miss every single living organism, every single piece of rubbish, every single tables and chairs, every single "wengwai was here" scribblings on the tables and walls, every single everything! *singing 'Belajar Berbakti'(School song)*

Everyone was asking for autographs in the yearbook. Notice PeiHau on the picture?

As for today, final paper Biology is quite manageable. A1 perhaps? Nah!

The hardworking-ness of dreaming monkeys.

The next minute.

The exam hall.

As I finished Bio Paper 3 and stepped out from the exam hall, I gave it a final glance.

The evidence.

The groupies.

The crazy things you do after SPM.

Final steps as a secondary student.

Goodbye my school~

Till then. March 2008. Dead.

Heading to ss2 for a chillax session.

Sri Murni, SS2. Big big mug of jus spesial anyone?

Presenting! The Fab 5! Voted most eligible bachelors of the millenium!

Handsem Raj

Leng Chai KY

Yung 'Kacak' Khang

Shuai Ge Alwin

Weng 'Yandao' Wong

Episode 1: Mamak conspiracy

Serious as a shit = seriously joking

That concludes my entry today. Lets pray that the conspiracy is 'tahi lembu'. By the way, the cameraman was Vincent Choo 'Gay' Ling.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

1 more to go!

Phew! After two weeks of struggle and frustration, the day where everything ends is coming near. Next Monday will be my final day to sit for Biology. Isn't it exciting? Many were already planning their escapades after SPM is over. For me, I plan to take my car license first and then plan for further education. Time's not to be wasted!

Friday: Moral paper

I have been waking up at unearthly hours to study for each subject on the day itself. Perhaps I am going to regret for this behavior and I should study earlier. The heck! Its been done. Live life with no regrets!

Memorizing Moral Definitions at 4 a.m.

Anyone got any part time job to recommend? I need to spend my time well after SPM.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I found my Yellow Guy in 1-Utama!

One more miserable week for me to finish up the science subjects for SPM.

These are all mine! Wahahahaha!

My mum got these from her assistant. Leftovers from a optical shop closed down because of some insurance coverage thingy which I am unable to explain. Whatever. Let sum up today's shopping excapade to 1 Utama with my mom.

As usual, 1 Utama is always swarmed with homosapiens especially on weekends. Took me and my mum 30 minutes to find a parking lot! 4G-24. We walked around and 'membeli tingkap'. Wehh~ so many events and promotions going on in every wing.

Samurai Sudoku Challenge

Look at those people fighting for their lives filing up those sudoku sheets! I wonder will they be beheaded by the samurai there if fail to complete!

While I was walking through the centre wing, something caught my attention. Digi+Sony Ericsson! Niiice~

See. He agrees.

There was an event going on when I went there to check it out. Seems like a freebies-for-free promotion was going on! Hehehehe.

I was standing right in front of the stage when some dude asking Digi users to come front. He was asking random questions for the crowd to answer. When it was my turn, he asked:" What is this event about?" OMG! What what what? I answered:" a sunshade giveaway event?" timidly. He shouted :"Yeah! This is an album promoting event!" Although I was wrong, I still got the sunshade. Eh whats with him?

The second thing I got involved is when the emcee was calling for any teenager's participation in a certain competition, I deliberately went up due to my mom's encouragement. 4 teens including me which was the only male up there making fun of ourselves by mimicking some Celebriteen's song! Too bad my mom don't know how to operate my camera phone. No pictures were taken while I am on the stage.

Where is my Yellow Guy? Oh he is just behind me all along!

Shy or horny? You judge.

There was this HP event going on too where 5 people were locked inside a box each where they must endure 5 days inside it while compete in different games like Counter Strike and etc. Too bad I am having SPM, if not I will be the first one register for this crappy endurance game. Because? Prize: RM 9,999 Dragon HP lappie. The contestants were in their final day. As you can see, pillows,food,water, camping bags and even toothpaste were the items they brought in. How nice~!

How sad. But for the laptop, it worth every single flies hovering over his sticking body.

Sirap Selasih and Air Limau. First stop at Kluang Station for lunch.

Eh whats that noise? Crowds cheering like mad. Better check it out.

Daniel Lee. Since when he promotes for Digi?

Apparently, A Japanese fffrrreeaaa..... Nonono! A Japanese FOOD fest going on at the other side of the mall. Wasabi or frozen salmon anyone? There was a food-eating competition going on where contestants are given 1 minutes to finish up as many bowls of mee soba as possible. highest record: 34 bowls. Note: 1 slurp per bowl. Cheap!

The commentators were shouting as if they were having a sexy time as the contestants were eating.

Break 2. Kopi O Peng and Ice Blended White Milk Tea from Old Town Kopitiam.

I know this looks disgusting. Its the original serving.

My whole body was aching real bad. The effect of not going shopping for a long time. After SPM must go shopping more often.

The CDs and sunshades I won. Anyone wants?