Thursday, April 30, 2009

The price I paid for procrastinating too much

Web Page Design. I never knew such thing would happen for this subject. Indeed it looks like something easy to study, but I went through tough shit to accomplish such difficult task. Lets begin from Wednesday morning. I woke up at 9.30am and stoned till 11am when Edward called. We met up at Starbucks JayaOne because initially planned to study together. Quite a success despite me keep on slacking and talking every single time. Hehe.. unconsciously okay? Then when lunch time came, we went Station1 cafe for a quick meal then continue studying. I couldn't do much, barely finishing Chapter 1 only at that time, where else Ed almost finish his revision already. Me being the ultimate procrastinator what..

After going back home, lets just say I wasn't quite focused on the studying part. Instead I facebooked and did some house chores and ran some errands by going to various banks and doing my dad a favour. By that time It was already almost 9. I ate a plate of french beans and started to continue my studying but epil fail again. Facebook, chitty chatty all the way till 12am. By then I was really starting to worry. So I ignored all the distractions and start for good. By the time I was going through chapter 4, something unpleasant was happening in the house. Had to drive out in search of a peaceful place for me to continue studying. Reuben suggested that he would help me to revise my notes we would go McDonald's to watch football as ManU played against Arsenal. At least I got a companion, so I fetched him along. Keng Yew tagged along too. MU die-hard fans.. So 3 of us sitting in McD Section 14. Others watched the match, I part studying there part distracted. A lot of noisy m-holes making so much noise until I really beh ta han already. At last the match ended and I was in chapter 4. Do not blame me because I was practically studying every single fact for every topic on every chapter. Okay... time to go home. But my Wira gave up on me. Battery kong-ed and stranded at that miserable place. Thank god Keng's house is within walking distance so the 3 of us marched to his house bravely. (worried about our asses getting mugged actually) So Keng Yew dropped us back home while I left the car in Section 14. Eventually I went back and studied until 7am. Chapter 6 already. Wow!!

Prepared and went UTAR to eat breakfast at SP Corner and then look through again everything. Went in the exam hall filled with confidence because that is the only thing I have in my heart as my brain is dead. Came out 1 hour and 25 minutes later. No comment on the difficulty of the paper. Maybe a solid B+ or A-. A perhaps? =P Now I am half-zombie because my brain is so dead, it cannot tell me that I am tired anymore. That is why I am still be able to blog here. Oh if my brain is dead, how can I still blog....?

*falls down and fainted*

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A lonely road

There's nothing to blog recently, or I am just feeling not to. A lot of things happened and made me became very emotional and down all the time. Wrong things happening at the wrong time. I don't know why also, maybe I have been escaping from the truth all these time. I am facing it bravely now though. Still, nothing is certain until the very last minute. Due to finals, I could not do anything about it yet. Maybe after everything is settled, things can clear up and move on with life, holding on to the very least of hope I still have with me. I want all my doubts and insecurities to be gone. I want things happen in the way I wanted. I want everything to be going on just fine. I just need a break... Education, family, finance, love.. everything is screwed up now... perhaps I need a really long time to sort everything out nicely. Till then, I shall continue to psych and lie to myself that everything is going to be fine. At least I won't feel so depressed during this crucial times as I have to do something about my exam. Another sleepless night as I hold on to my faith to go through these cold dark nights, sipping coffee and scan through all these messy notes....

No matter how harsh and awful life can be, it still must go on, holding on to the belief that there will be a turning point, because God will not let the ones who hold on to their faith down. At least.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A friend in the Potato Land

Its been a while since the last time we did some catching up. I am sure you guys would want to know what he is been up to lately. Presenting, the Aussie Emo-looking A-hole, Yung Khang. Below are the screenshots I took during our little webcam chatty chatty. Excuse me while I am half naked. Sexy mou? Just do me a favour and don't take my pictures and post it in some gay website. I am famous enough already. Thanks.

First of all, he said a normal barber shop charges 20 Aussie dollars for a haircut. That is like RM50. Professional cut perhaps? Haha! He claimed that he is still slacking as usual because his syllabus now is similar to what he did in Taylors. How fortunate. Living together with his friend, I am sure he is doing pretty well there. In webcam he showed me his place also. Simple living. Nice.

He get to buy liqour as frequent as he want and he said Corona is his constant water supply already because its so cheap over there. But then need to show passport. What the hell... I am gonna go Aussie already la.. Haha! Oh ya, Yung lost weight already I can see..

See the huge packet of potatoes! Hehe! Thank god I am restricting myself to consume as little carbohydrates as possible. If not I want him to mail me a few bottles of JD, Absolut, BL campur campur, a big packet of Russet Burbank and more booze! Haha lucky betul la ini orang!

Yung is coming back around end of the year. By then I think I would be in Kampar doing my semester finals or whatever lah... Fate will decide whether we will get to meet or not. Lets hope for the best.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It is time. I cannot bring myself down anymore. I have tried so many times to rise up but I kept on falling down. Why? I hope someone can answer me. I don't want to be in doubt anymore. Things should be clear and simple, but why must it end up in a shroud of mystery? Is it so hard to make things clear? Maybe I guess in life, certain things I cannot manipulate that easily. I guess... I should see things in the long run, not the incidents occuring at the moment. Bring it on, insecurity. I will never fall. My faith will never be gone. My promises will be fullfilled. My love will never die.

I have fallen. And when will I rise again?


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lifeless we are

What else than a game of pool, a stone session and a EARLY morning dakei session in a Saturday night? Except that I didn't go for the dakei session for this week. Hehe.. Delon was the special guest today as he is willing to fetch me with his Honda Civic. Good that he knows how to repay the favour as I always do him favours. Haha!

After the pool, went Piccadilly to yamcha. The shisha is very the 'kau' here. Stoned betul.

Tom, Delon, Jia Yun and went back while the rest of the guys proceed for some COD, L4D, DVD action. Haha..

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I woke up at 12pm today as I slept at around 3am as I was blogging and chatting. After eating home-cooked lunch made by mom, she went and have her afternoon nap. I myself feeling really energetic and not willing to sleep back. So I was wandering around, looking for things to do. Eventually off my laptop and prepared for a nap since I had nothing to do(reluctant to study). As I was already going to doze off,at 2.23pm my phone rang. She called. I was kind of surprised she would call at this time. It turned out to be something unpleasant. I am worried at the same time too. I hope she is fine and nothing serious could turn up from this incident. Worst thing is, I could not really do much to help her at this time. Haih...

A special day indeed

First of all, I did not took any pictures today. So no pictures for this post. Yeah, I feel damn sad also. Hehe.. What to do? Having too much fun I guess, so forgot to pull out the camera and take photos. So...

10.30 in the morning, I got a call. Did not expect that to happen but I got a premonition it might happen but I don't really believe it would happen. Haha what crap am I talking? Anyway, I had a wonderful afternoon. Very wonderful indeed. Details from this incident are not discussed due to some difficulties. Haha!

Let's just begin from the evening. Fetched Vince and hang out together with Reuben for a while. Eventually prepared then fetched her then meet up with Jian's convoy consisting of Alwin, Jen Jen, Jian Shen and Alia in Samad then proceed to FGA. We attended this play titled "Paroimia". It was quite interesting and meaningful. The story was about a kingdom challenged by this dark force then eventually the prince sacrificed his life to save his people. A lot of happy faces around.. Good job to all the people who did this. After the drama ended then went to the 'backstage' for a little meetup, then we ended up in Damansara Utama Food Court for a quick supper. After that, all of us went back as I fetched her, Vince and Reuben back to their respective houses. Haha I know this is seriously lacking a lot of details. Well too bad I am quite tired now,so not very motivated to blog about it. Hehe. Ask me if you want to know anything about it.

This night is special to me because one thing is, it is very the 'happening' and we eventually spend quite a lot of time together, meeting my UTAR friends and Samad friends throughout the day and night. I hope this is a good thing though. Hehe. So that is all. Till then. Haha!

Oh ya, today was my last day in Semester 3 and next week will be my study week. Hopefully I will be doing much studying and no more fooling around. Must rev up the CGPA a bit. Hehe! And for these 3 weeks, time will pass by in extremely slow pace for me. When this is over, I shall have something I wished I could have. A simple thing. Haha!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


See this piece of pathetic crap! My beautiful Myvi got fined today because of just a short stop-by at Jaya1. And the best thing is, I am wearing a 'I <3 Malaysia' shirt. Malaysia Boleh. I am so paying this fine filled with dignity and honor. Fuuhhh!!! XD Kind-hearted souls may make a donation to 'Pay-WWW-Saman' fund. Your contributions will be deeply appreciated.

Went for movies together with her in Curve. It was a moderately good one. I mean the movie. But one thing I would like to point out is, why it always has to be the guys that is being portrayed to be the playful and unfaithful ones? This 'discrimination' is always found in songs too. We guys have our difficulties and we always do get rejected hard by women most of the time as well. It is just so unfair. Don't you think so, my fellow guy friends and readers? Anyone want to support me as I produce a movie titled "She's just not into you at all"? Hahaha I am just joking. I believe that good guys will have their opportunity eventually, including me perhaps? =P

Monday, April 13, 2009


Yeah. Dilemma kills me. Why I couldn't control my thoughts and focus well? It has been like this for all the time. If I were to have the ability to read minds, that would be enough. At least the ability to read the ones that I cared and loved. As for now, I am still confused on the whole life process I am going through. Most important, I am confused about her responses and actions towards me after what we have been through. Just tell me if I am thinking too much, because I tend to do so as I fear that I might face disappointment and failure. However, I look forward for the coming days, months and years as the unseen future might contain something unexpected and unbelievable. Because I have already committed myself to this relationship. And I want it to happen. And I am willing to wait for it. =)

Anyway today is my last presentation. Acted as Donald Trump and we sort of acted out just like in The Apprentice. It was not coordinated well but we seem to not care so much about it. Management Studies lecturer, Ms. Vimala was kind and cool enough. This is a collaboration of 3 TEs together for the first time. It was good. Suddenly, I feel that time flies unnoticed as my foundation studies are ending soon.

From left: Edward, Tayshawn, Donald Trump, Jeff, Melanie, Marvin.

Ed, Mel, Weng

Yeng mou?

I am not posing.


Tay trying on my tie and Marv on the coat.


There are so many things I want you to know.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Saturday

This is a day of mixed feelings. The day started by filling myself up with despair and sorrow. I was very down and depressed all the time. Even went out to Ikea looking like a zombie. Well...... Now I am feeling much more better. At least a part of my worries are gone. =) Thank you, God. My prayers are answered.

Had a chill session with the kakis in Piccadilly while watching football.

Vince kissy kissy.

Reu Sucky Sucky.

Chan Looky Looky.

Weng Smoky Smoky. Alwin's hand not mine.

With the big ass plasma right beside us.

Well, it is kind of early for me to come back at 12am. Hehehehe~ Ow well..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I own a lot of Ferraris!

*syok sendiri* Haha! I know. I am just glad I finally got all of 'em. Too bad the Yellow GTB Fiorano must buy lubricant oil only can get... and the glass display box cost 60 bucks.. not fanatic enough to purposely buy that aquarium...

A good friday?

First of all, lets pray together for He who gave up His life for the goodness of mankind. I have not been seeking for His guidance and my prayers are deserted for some time. Now I come to God to admit my mistakes as I have sinned all along. I hope God will guide me through every obstacles and clear my doubts and I walked through life with Him. Praise the Lord.

After my disastrous Thursday, I didn't care much about my Webpage presentation after that. I went to university early in the morning just to look around and see how my other classmates were doing for their presentation. Waited until 10.30 when she called. So end up eating breakfast with her in Station1. Chatted till 1pm then sent her to ss2 while I re-parked my car back to the flats opposite UTAR. All I can say is, my presentation went smoothly despite doing it spontaneously. I wouldn't care much about my group members but personally I feel I have done a great job in explaining my part and defending the statements suggested by my practical lecturer. I overcame my stage fright as there is no more mouth stuttering, no more hands shaking, no more body swaying and no more! Hahaha! But still my heart beats faster than usual. After finishing the presentation, I was relieved as one more burden has been left out. I went back home straight, hoping to get a good rest eventually due to the extreme exhaustion. But, she smsed me and invited me to join Sam and Hazel to watch a drama in Glad Tidings church. Took a quick nap between 6.30 to 7.00. Went and fetched her and ate my dinner at SeaPark. It was raining. And I did something stupid. Nevermind. So, it was extremely crowded at the church as it was still raining. All the cars were packed all around the church compound. The drama was pretty awesome, although I see the similarity of some scenes which I personally have experienced before. But mainly its about how we are able to accept fate as God himself made plans for all of us for greater good, no matter how awful it seems to be to us. Besides that, they trying to show a message that we can choose to save lives by signing up for organ donation. Talking about the coincidences from my previous dreams... Oh yeah, I got another dream just now when I was asleep last night. But it ain't really important. After the drama was over at 11pm, I saw Jen Jen and Chen Lam there too. After a drink in Old Town, I fetched her back. I shouldn't have online and appeared in MSN. I knew I was going to do some stupid things. But then its already been done and all I could do is, nothing.

Maybe I am just thinking too much. Maybe it was supposed to be a simple thing but I interpreted it as something complicated. Maybe it was going the way it should be all along. Maybe... But one thing for sure, I will never let go until the very last hope left in me has vanished.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

How shitty can it be?

I had a shitty day. I don't feel like talking about it but for the sake of recording down for my future reference, I had to. My main purpose to write a blog is for me to look back at the happenings of my past life. Since morning, I am already feeling very shitty. Went to university with all the props and equipments ready as I am having the drama play by late evening. Kind of rehearse for a bit and everyone was quite ready I would say.

Lets just have it this way. I wasn't expecting something great from my group as I just want to get an above-average mark just to secure a good grade for my English For Communication, wasn't expecting to compete in the semi-finals. I can say I did a great job in providing the ideas, writing the script, directing the play,editing the videos and preparing the slides. I say it wasn't perfect, but it was good enough.

Coming back to this day. I could see all the efforts coming from the other groups. They were well prepared with all the costumes and stuff. Real impressive. I thought mine could at least be something great too, but its out of my expectation. Turned out to be the worst that I cannot even imagine it would be. The timings were lost, the slides were messed up beyond repair, the screenplay was messed up, scenes were skipped, worst of all... we didn't even lasted more than 10 minutes where the play should be 15 minutes or more. I think this time they we I really screwed up.....

At least during the worst time I am having, somebody actually cheered me up by singing to me through the phone. That was really sweet although she claimed that it was an accident. I really appreciate it wholeheartedly. Its so nice of you to do that. =)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Praising makes people happy

Phew.. I am so exhausted. Today's second post =D Its been a long time I am not blogging actively. I guess many interesting stuff happened recently. Today class was semi-dead. Just like me. Lecture aren't that important anymore it seems after the bar list came out. Everyone was like lazying around only. Including me. Ms. Tee caught me in front of the staff room because I skipped her tutorial class, how stupid I can get to stay in front of that place? But then I told her I skip classes secara terang-terangan one, don't si si suk suk one. HAHAHA!!!! After those Webpage classes, I stayed back for basketball in UTAR PC block gym. I thought I could meet up her for lunch but she didn't pick up my call. Guess I shouldn't disturb people so often..... Anyway I kind of enjoyed myself today during basketball. Performed quite well despite the intensity of the game. 8 of out 10 shots masuk tau.... don't play play!! Hahaha!!! Quite a few of them praised me la...It was fun...XP

I thought I could go back home to rest as tonight I have to memorise my drama dialogues, but JY called. Second round of basketball in ss2... Tired sial.... 6.30pm I went back already because the sky ain't looking good. Now I am sitting here applying Counterpain on my leg and arms while blogging in the middle of heavy thunderstorm.

Belinda kind of cheered me up for the moment because she told me she enjoyed reading my blog. Little effort and praises do make a big difference. So give more praises and you shall recieve more than that... THANKS BELINDA!!! =D

A weird dream

Yeah I know its out of the ordinary for me to blog at this hour. I just woke up from this rather weird dream I had. I wish to record it down as I don't want to forget it. Yes, i dreamed about her again. Why again? The night before, as I recalled I remember seeing her face in my dream but it was something real random. As for tonight it was a long story. Everything seem so real...

I do not know exactly how it began but eventually we end up as a couple. From the point that I can remember, we were talking a really long walk around the campus which seem very similar to those pathways in ancient Chinese palace. It was neverending and along the way, I saw a number of my uni friends. It was really a long walk and random stuffs happened along the way. Until we reached the end, it was a classroom. I remember seeing a few familiar faces I wish not to identify them. She walked into the classroom and she came back out crying. I pulled her back and asked her what went wrong. She just kept quiet and ran away. From this point, I don't know why I end up at the bottom of a flight of endless stairs. I started to climb up and as similar to the previous case, it was a really long journey. I can remember I seeing people around which I recognise them to be the people I knew critisizing me as if I did something wrong. I was very confused by then. When I reached the top of the stairs, it was a japanese=style room with bamboo mats. One fella sitting right at the middle(cannot remember his face) told me she went down already. I did something real stupid by jumping down the stairs from the gaps right between them. After catching up with her and few other friends, I could see her crying. I am in the state of extreme confusion by then. She said something to me which I cannot remember then I knew it was the end. Suddenly, I don't know how I end up at the japanese room again. All I know is, my heart is aching pain and I am really depressed. The feeling was so real and I could see myself crying like mad too. Here comes the climax.... When I was crying to hard, some people approached from the stairs. Followed behind is her wearing a bridal dress. All I could figure out is, she and her friends are just testing me or playing a prank but it seem so real. I could not describe my feeling by then but as she approaches, I rush in to hug her. At that moment, an angel/demon/shinigami suddenly came out from the frozen time and took my soul away. At that point, I am in maximum level of confusion. Everything winds back until the point I see myself dead, lying on a stretcher right outside of some deserted police station. It looks like some horrible accident just happened and she was barely surviving. I sacrificed my life by donating my organ to her just to save her life. In my dreams, I could see half of my body gone in the stretcher. So I interpreted it as, I am appearing in real life just to see her for the final moment before I was taken away by the unknown being. My dream ended at that point at 6.34am.

I am still thinking how could I possibly had a dream like this. I wish to know what my subconscious mind is trying to tell me. Everything I wrote about the dream I had is entirely genuine and nothing is exaggerated. Believe it or not!

I think my dream was partially influenced by Melanie's drama plot they did for their English For Communication. The similarities of the storyline where the guy donating his organ to the one he loves. Hahaha! I guess I am going crazy....I am feeling so exhausted now although I just woke up from the sleep. As if I am really inside that dream...or was it real? Do I live in a world of dreams?


Fact: I have always experience weird dreams since I was a kid. I barely dream nowadays though.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A date day to remember

Class was not that normal anymore. Bar list coming out tomorrow, so more and more people will start to skip classes these coming days as presentations are going on. As for me, I would attend the classes as tips might be given. My turn for presentation also haven't come yet, so I have to wait till this Thursday for my CSI: Malaysia to be released for public viewing. Starbucks at morning AS USUAL.... Seriously I cannot live without a cup of coffee every single morning.

After class, I met up with someone then went to MidValley. Met up with 3 other people too. Watched Shinjuku Incident. Rate it 7/10. Quite meaningful. After the movie, walked around for a while before the 3 people left us alone and went back. So end up eating then went home. Sorry for the lack of details. I wish not to talk about it. Hehehe....It is for me to know and for you to never find out. =)


Sunday, April 5, 2009


Time is passing by swiftly... in another 2 months I will end up in Kampar. A mixed feeling of happy and sad... Happy because I will be living alone there. Sad because I will be leaving alone there too. HAHAHA!!!! The week of assignment rush hour has ended. Spent sleepless night finishing the assignments. Many thanks to those who helped, fark off to those who did not. I guess maybe I would not be living alone there. Because I got my hansem housemate with me hahaha! Introducing Edward.

Guess what? Our little house is just right opposite the lake. How nice.. Swimming perhaps? Or fishing? Hehehe.... I feel so excited to get to live there!

Wheeeee~ wheeee~ whee... Where's the McDonalds? Where's the Starbucks? Where's the..... Awww..... =(

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a fool for April Fool's(Night)

Well, I am supposed to put this blog post title as Aftermath- Fast and Furious 4 premiere screening. Enough said, 9.5/10. This is one awesome and let me say it again. THIS IS ONE AWESOME*ran out of breath* Okay.. People who have seen the previous 3 movies have got to see this fourth one. Well, this time I went with someone again for the second time. We were there by 8.15pm waiting at the Nuffnang counter. A long queue began to build up as the staffs came late. After getting the tickets, we went to Marche for dinner as recommended by me. After a so-so meal we proceed to the cinema.

When the movie starts, Vin Diesel already damn lan-yeng from the first scene. Han was in the beginning too, now we know that he is one of Dom's Kulei. Once you see the introduction part you know you are seriously going to have orgasm for those car movie freaks. Haha I am not saying I am one of those okay? Guess what, Fast and Furious 4's malay translation is Pantas dan Garang 4, as shown in the subtitle. A lot of action and car chasing scenes. As usual, no need to say, the I'm-bringing-sexyback scenes were cut off. I shall not reveal too much here, spoil the movie for those who haven't watch. Still, I had an absolutely great time watching the movie together with her.

This might be the biggest fool Someone Up There gave to me. Another test perhaps? Because seriously I am thinking a lot but I have my own difficulties. I am so confused right now. Oh gosh...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a fool for April Fool's(Day)

Definitely not a lot of fooling around this time, but giving a go on UTAR's Spelling Competition really fooled me real good. Starting off the day with a hearty breakfast at Starbucks for only RM6.85. The minced chicken sandwich with Chilli Bread tastes really nice. With that cup of rich aroma black arabica coffee, who could resist such a temptation? By the way check out the photos below.
Cow Drink!!!

After Webpage tutorial and lecture classes, we did some calculations and estimation on the choice of living in Kampar. Apparently we found out renting out a double storey house in Eastlake without furnishing is the best choice. (Do not ask why, this is highly classified by our sources) Deciding not to eat lunch, I straight away went for the competition. Quite a good turnout as the lecture hall is almost fully filled. Starting I am quite nervous, not because of the expectancy of the difficulty but the surrounding environment, it is just like having finals. First word of the competition was "ambience". I can see almost half of the contestants walked off the hall. 'Wonderful' isn't it? After several random words like 'anonymous', 'committee' bla bla bla, there were only 9 of us left. The moment of truth!!

Proceeding to level 2, each of us was called out to spell out the word in front. I got my first word as 'camouflage'. No sweat as I recognise the words by visual stimulation. HAHAHA! round 2 there was only 3 finalist. I got 'psoriasis' but I spelt it 'soriasis'. Knew thats gonna happen!! The biggest mistake done by the judges is.. When the 'champion' came to the front, she was supposed to spell 'ventriloquist' but she spelt 'ventriloqist'. One of the judges mistakenly spelt out Q-U-I-S-T for god-knows-what reason. After a moment of hesitation, the judge asked her to spell again. Based on this situation, of course the girl go spell the correct one! Bullshit no.1!! When she got the chance to spell out the championship word, she got 'psychosomatic'! Championship word konon!!! I bet even a standard 6 could spell that word out!! Sheer luck!!! Ahhh!! Bullshit no.2!!! After the champion was decided, we got another bonus free round again to decide the runner up. Guess what? I cannot spell 'Silhouette'.... major dissapointment... guess my command of English is still poor... The runner up was lucky enough to got his word right... This one I got nothing to comment about. Haih......I feel better after much ranting!!! Hehe....

Anyway it was a good experience. It was still considered to be an effortless achievement. Imagining the people memorizing dictionaries just for this competition. I wouldn't doubt the possibilities... Congratulations to the winners =) A big thank you to the lecturers who came up with this competition too. It was fun though...

Two novels, 10 bucks McD voucher and a participation certificate for the consolation prizes. Not bad... only 2 more novels and 50 bucks MPH voucher difference from the champ and runner up only what.. HAHA!!