Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas just pass?

Well it seems to me Christmas has already passed. Wasn't quite excited about it as the mood and everything just doesn't feel right. However Xmas eve was superb. A night expected to be lame and shitty turned out to be fun eventually. Pool+mamak on Xmas eve? Seems like a bit of sad case right... 4 of us went to One Class in ss14 and played 2 hours of pool there then proceed to Sri Sentosa to find Vince. Reuben joined us later and mamak-ed and sat there doing the countdown till 3.30 until we decided to switch venue. Was driving around to seek for excitement until we stumbled upon a 'chicken' being chased by a 'chicken dad' while throwing sandals at her. Funny sial yet a bit frightening.. end up in A&W eating Beary Meal at 5am... what a day!

My elder cousin sister and my nephew came down from Teluk Intan to visit. So had to stay around to bring them around here for shopping and stuff. Well.... tomorrow still got programming exam. I feel like passing out now. Guess I have to study(NOT!). Maybe in the morning. AHHHH!! They going to play pool and I asked them to ditch me... I am so sad!!!! Lame!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The WengWai Show

Me being a talk show host for the first time in my life. A public speaking assignment. Did a pretty awesome job with the rest. The initial planning and setup with the team members were quite frustrating and lacking of effort and dedication, but eventually came out quite good at the last minute... Thank god! Although I feel that I did more than I am supposed to do as this is a groupwork, I still have to thank all of them for their part too, no matter big or small, especially my class rep, Ye Vone. She helped a lot for the scene play and the props. Hopefully in the coming assignments, I don't have to be so 'generous' anymore.

This show basically is just like any typical David Letterman crap. Interviewed Dato' Michelle Yeoh, Vera Wang and J.K. Rowling. The acting parts were hilarious. I must say I did an awesome job being the host myself. =D Mr. Joe said we were one of the best and gave us the chance to do it in front of the lecture class. Did it once again.

Spiderman tie weh!

The lansi pose. Mine went awkward. As if something or SOMEONE took my attention away.

The act-cute pose. Mine went wrong themed again. I gave the wacky pose.

I drool over myself by looking at this photo.

Odd one out.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Life has been really tough lately. Blogging isn't something I am giving my priorities on nowadays. Very sorry to all readers out there haha! I just fell sick recently, seems like the flu season is back. Well mine did not started off with something that looks like flu. I thought I was having some minor dry coughing only till then it got serious, I went and consulted the doctor. I told him I was having dry cough and apparently he believed me. He gave me only cough tablets and mixtures. No phlegm. No flu. No antibiotic. Funny thing is, the second day I woke up, mucus and phlegm drowning my alimentary canal! My sickness can evolve wan leh!! From dry to watery, from 'hot' to 'cold'... I am feeling better already anyway.

I just did my talk show presentation in front of my lecture class again today. Mostly seem to enjoy the show, thank goodness. So much effort poured in just to make those lame presentation animated slides. They should give me a prize or something lah! Being sick still able to come up with such incredible stuff hahaha! Although a lot of frustration and pissed moments happened before this, I am really glad this is over. I think I did a fantastic job completing those what I should do and what I am supposed to do, even doing those parts I am not supposingly to do and what I want to do but not really I have to do it. Oh my... I can still continue to write this but then I better stop. Pictures will be uploaded when I get them from the cameramen.

Although I am still sick, Friday is not a day to be wasted. Called up Tom ,Alwin and Yung to go pool One Class. I lost all my solo games. Yeah because I am sick mah! If not I won't lose one.... Did won once with the double game though.... After that went Murni to yamcha. Began to talk back our secondary school days....We were trying to remember what was in our class till one point where we could not figure out what is our Bahasa teacher name in 5A. the point of confusion leads to frustration leads to start calling our ex classmates to ask them.... really funny la...! Was thinking B....Bi.... Bala..... then came to know its "VIJAYA!" Mental blockage... That is why we should not think after midnight. We are supposed to be sleeping.

Talking about sleeping, I should be sleeping right now.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I was just going to blog about the things that happened recently. But then suddenly I lost the mojo of doing it already. Weird eh?

You ain't feeling hungry aite?!