Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Randomness #2

I am not studying. "Why?" I asked myself. "I do not know." I replied. Perhaps this is a part of my life where I will regret for the rest of my life. But maybe not. I need some inspiration. Something like this:

Inspires semi-proclaimed gay like me.

My 'Operation Study Smart' has failed as I slack throughout the entire year. It is time to execute Order 66. Oh I am sorry, time to execute Operation Study Hard x2.

Went to Restaurant Sam Yu last Saturday to eat dinner again. View my older post for more information on that restaurant.

Kam Heong Lala. Not really nice.

Sui Tong Tofu. The boss says:" Soft until wet wet~"

Braised wild boar meat. Not nice.

I guess this shall be my LAST post. I need to concentrate on my SPM examinations now. Till then, people.

An official word in Scrabble.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lunch,just lunch!

Hey everybody! Who does not notice that the internet line is fuuyoh-ing 'fast' these few days? Even Blogger also takes 5 minutes or more to load, that explains why I am not posting these few days.

However, today is a sunny day. *it doesn't make sense* So I will just update a little bit about today. Went school today and guess what? Only 5 people out of 40 including myself turned up in school today. And my school assistant principal, Mr. Tune is retiring. Oh wait, our school does not have a principal, yet. so this makes him the undisputed head-of-school then. (I like his first name, so funky). He is a good man. A really good and well-tempered one.

Nearly got stung by this idiotic bee.

After the ceremony ended, I stayed there for a while, playing basketball with the Form 2s. After that I went home by Metrobus. And what next? A retarded warning sign?

Let me translate this:

Do not throw the rubbish everywhere
Throw at his/her place
=Warning..! If don't follow orders, (Teared)

If you do not find anything wrong with this piece of notice, you can join the Retard Society of Malaysia. So remember people, do not throw rubbish anywhere except the other passenger's seat. If not, you will be (unknown) by the bus conductor. Perhaps the last word is potong?!

And another thing is, when I came back, I feel like ordering pizza via online-ordering. I log on to PizzaHut website and register an account. As I have ordered before, they kept a record of my info. Guess what?

First Name: Adik
Last Name: Wong Weng Wai

Cha Dou!

Thinking of the higher cost of eating pizzas, I thought about McD which is cheaper. But I am already bored of eating McD. Therefore I gave Mixed-Rice a thought. Lazy to walk out to buy. Yes I am a lazy ass. After much discussion with Seng Wai and 30 minutes of thinking which should I order and a second before I almost clicked 'Sumbit Order' , I suddenly remembered the untouched bread I brought to school. Damn!

*munching bread* What you looking at?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Study for SPM?

This is a random conversation between me and Alwin using multi-language.

[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
WengWai· says:
taya saja
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
lu ade pegi?
WengWai· says:
dang pikir
WengWai· says:
tak tau mau gi ke tak
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
omg rempit-ness
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:

[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
pegi lu kan chor dai dee
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
tek pegi lu main com je
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
pikir beik beik
WengWai· says:
dah swear
WengWai· says:
misti stardie kau kau gok
WengWai· says:
21 ari aje agi
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
yea la yea la
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
majam tu kan belaku
WengWai· says:
simi lan
WengWai· says:
wua ai tak chek lu pua leng zhui
WengWai· says:
WengWai· says:
wa kua lu kong..
WengWai· says:
wa boh tak chek wa tiok ar!
WengWai· says:
dun understand leh>
WengWai· says:
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
tiok la pan
WengWai· says:
tiok lu eh
WengWai· says:
m si wa eh
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
wa uu tak chek
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
lu boh ma
WengWai· says:
lin si lin yong lah kin na
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
lin lau bu la
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:

WengWai· says:
ngai tian goh nyit hoi chii tuuk shu
WengWai· says:
kon ngi si mau
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
WengWai· says:
{hakka mode}
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
[c=30][s]-bLuR MaNiAc-™ B௫r3D [/s][/c] {Studying} says:
chi bet wa mana eh chai
WengWai· says:

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Damn! I am so pissed off right now! My phone has just malfunctioned and reformatted itself while transferring data. Farging cable! Farge! I just ate a sucky Roti Canai and drank a cup of Cham and what I get? A farging reformatted-ed phone!

Even my Roti Canai pic also lost! *start crying* Goodbye my videos~ Goodbye my saved games~ You have been the one~ You have been the one for me~

FARGE! *points middle finger to cable*

Saturday, October 20, 2007

An Omph Meal :15/10/07

This is a continuation from my previous trip back to Teluk Intan. I went to this restaurant called N Bandar with the rest of my relatives. How weird can a restaurant name be? When the hotel beside it is named G City? N/G Bandar/City? Maybe some guy named Ng trying to conquer the whole town.

How did the owner translate the chinese word which is Golden City into N Bandar?

Ow! A retro disco ball!

I was so hungry that time, I ate the Garlic+Soy Sauce until I cannot stand anymore. But it really taste nice. Nice~

Can they cook and serve the dishes faster? I am dying already~

We had Western Style Mantis Prawn, Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, Marmite Chicken Wings, Tung Poh Pork Meat, Stir fried Asparagus with Lotus Root. Wait a second. What is this?

I know it is definitely fish. But what fish? *Calls waiter*
Weng: Yo dude! Wadda fishie is this weh?
Waiter: Oh~ this ish te fish 'Sar Yu'. Euu no 'Sar Yu'?
Weng: Hmmm..... Oh......My god.

Jaws VIII: The Claypot Revenge.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Encounter with the Thug-Doggies

Finally my blog reached its 1k visits. A big leap to greater achievements.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A food-filling trip to T.I.

Trippin back to hometown! For your information, the destination I am heading to is Teluk Intan, Perak. Need me to introduce more? Lets join Mr. WengWai in his epical journey to exploit the Uber-Yummy food available for the taking in every corner of this petite place. Ommph!

Day 1: 13/10
Jam on the road! Once the journey begun, my mum and I were already stucked in ss2!

Siam la lao zha bors!!!

Kemasukan Jalan Tinggi


Welcome to Kuala Bikam! Eh I am not going there right?

To the right.

Finally arrived.

Well I fooled you all didn't I? With the thought of a wooden house and cranky mud roads? Come on, everyone is shifting out from the suburban areas. Not to mention my relatives(mother's side) are all devoted Catholics. After arriving, I finally get to rest as my legs were aching from the badminton session.

A not-so pleasant dinner for the first day. Mixed rice and Chicken Rice. At least it is cheaper and taste better compared to the food I got here.

Remember, Nasi Cha Siew is not Nasi Daging Khinzir.

Raining so heavily I cannot go out for supper.

Day 2: 14/10

Time to wake up sleepyheads!

As for breakfast, wallah! Do not look down on this plate of Wan Tan Mee. It tastes 100 times better than its looks. Again, at least better than normal Wan Tan Mees you find in normal places.

After that, I went joyriding in the town.

The only library in Teluk Intan.

The road to my mom's old crib.

My mom's old crib. Very small.

Went here to pay respect to my late relatives.

Besides the Chee Cheong Fun, Teluk Intan is quite famous for the local production of Heong Piah and Tau Sah Piah(a type of biscuit). Sin Guan Hoe and Sin Guan Tin are the two pioneer shops who started the business. The bosses are brothers. After their dad passed away, they decided to split, thus the birth of two different shopnames and ownership. I hate to blabber on such long stories, lets just skip it.

The aroma of freshly out-from-the-0ven Hiong Peah.


Mobile Rojak stall.

Ais Kacang and Hawaii Ais=OMG!

This is what I did.

The night is young. And so am I.

Kaya balls.

Finally, the best of the best.

I cannot see clearly now.

Is this a dream?

Whats with the machinery?



Day 3: 15/10

Wonder why I am buying flowers? Proposal? For fun? Or visiting someone in hospital?

Still haven't get the picture eh?

Nice view from the top.

The Kampar feast.

Ice Kacang. RM 2.00.

Ori Kampar Beef Noodle. RM 3.50.

Ori Kampar Fishball noodle. RM 3.00.

Ori Kampar Noodle YongTauFoo. RM 2.60.

Cloud Callout: Aye smell something farny ere!