Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gatsby: Moving Rubber

Argh! Cannot stand the temptation! Too weak.... I am getting confused! Oh well I give up!

I must get more Gatsby~ Gatsby~

Went shopping with mum in SS14 and bought this Spiky Edge for RM19.90. I am so wasted~!

1 down, 5 to go!

After 10 minutes,

I~ must buy more Gatsby~

Restaurant 3A Yong Tau Foo, PJ

This restaurant which I went for lunch this afternoon is located in SS19 Petaling Jaya which is near SS2, Restaurant 3A Yong Tau Foo is a typical restaurant that sells mostly Yong Tau Foo. In between Restaurant Iskandar(Mamak) and Restaurant Green View(Rich and Famous only), This restaurant had succeeded a previous restaurant that were selling Yong Tau Foo too.

This restaurant is fully air-conditioned and well decorated. Not to mention the cleanliness. A nice ambience while enjoying a scrumptious meal together with loved ones. The service is quite fast and the waiters are polite. Although they are foreign workers, they speak good English, except a few Burmese.

Restaurant 3A does not offer Yong Tau Foo to their customers only. They have a variety of food which will satisfy anyone's need for good food. Lets dig in the menu shall we?

There are a range of Yong Tau Foo to choose from, like White Tau Foo with fish paste, Tau Foo Pok, Fishball, Foo Chok, Sui Kaw, Brinjal, Longbean, Ladyfingers and much more. Besides that, they have a variety of noodles and dishes too.

They serve with individual sets of plates and chopsticks to keep it hygienic. Sauce dispensers and soy sauce+pepper are placed beside the table for customer's convinience.

First off, the infamous Ginkgo Barley dessert. This bowl of dessert is very different from other desserts served in other place. This is heavenly tasty for a bowl of RM 1.70 stuff. They use Soya milk to boil the dessert and the Foo Chok are already melted, making the texture simply smooth. They serve random desserts everyday.

The Curry Chee Cheong Fun. Nice~ I like it because they really put a lot of fried onion and shrimp pieces into it, making it so freaking nice. And the curry is not too santan-ish too! Ideal for slacking weight-watchers.

A bowl of Fish Maw. Do not think that this bowl of fishy stuff will cost you a bundle. Although it is rarely found in other restaurants, they sell a bowl of spongy pigskin-like fish maw for only RM4.30.

Yong Tau Foo. I am getting full. A few pieces will be enough. At 80 cents per piece, it will be reasonable enough.

A plate of Mamak Mee. My dad finds it unsuitable to his likings, but I find it nice. Kind of sweet and wet, a sure-fond for childrens. I am not a child.

If you are looking for a place to eat reasonable-priced Yong Tau Foo in Petaling Jaya, I recommend this place to all. By the way, my house is only 2 minutes away from this place. I give a rating of 6/10.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I need a timeout.

Everyone needs a timeout. Even someone energetic like me needs a timeout. So no post today. Oh this is considered a post already. Sorry.

Friday, September 28, 2007

A trip to my desk

Welcome senor and senoritas. Please take a tour with me to unravel the mysteries of WengWai's desk. What makes the desk so special? What makes the desk so appealing? What makes the desk so..... Okay! Lets continue shall we? *No idea what to write*

My desk has many functions. I store my study stuff and books below it, stashing it as if like the treasure trove of knowledge. Test papers, exercise books, revision books, old school books. At least I get a glimpse of it and reminds me to study, but failed everytime.

I will touch you guys soon. Very soon.

Besides that, I put all my personal stuff there too. Example: Archie's comic collection, stationaries, electronic stuff and those 'men-use' things.

We have a Coppertone Sunblock lotion, a Gatsby Hair Foam Spray, a Gatsby Deodorant, a pack of Gatsby face wipes. I like Gatsby. * Sings: I can give you Gatsby!* There is a tube of Clean&Clear Pimple Gel, a can of mosquito repellent, a can of Talcum powder. Furthermore, there is a....... HOW DID THAT GET THERE? O.O

Censorship needed! Ahhh..... I get that for free when I bought a magazine, so do not get misunderstood. There is more stuff actually, I lazy to write about those stuff one by one.

*continues to sing I can give you Gatsby~*

Hmm......* takes a peek at the Durex Pack* Maybe I should try it out. Nice package. *reading instruction* *opens package*

Too bad. For those who do not know what is the song I am talking about, check this ad.

I am so handsome although I am only a kid. The monkey plushie I am holding is still surviving after all these brutal years of torturing.

Some Asam and a dismantled handphone. Similarities? Tragic.

A revision timetable that I rarely follow. Hmmm when was the last time I followed?

Hope you have a nice time enjoying this lame trip. Next up: A trip to my fridge. Coming soon at the only blog of WengWai.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Mooncake festival: Part 2

Isn't our class the best? Everyone is so relaxed. I bet we are the most 'chilled' science students in Petaling Jaya. Do not be like this, fellow SPM takers. It takes extreme courage and determination.

And yet, I still have time to camwhore with Kok Hoe with different effects. Nice fingers, lad.

Ah, about yesterday night. My family and I went to Kepong to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. Looking forward to see my cousins. We have been growing up together and shared so many childhood memories. The power of cousin unity! And by the way, just as expected. The moon is so round~*sparkling eyes*

Yue Liang Yuen, Yue Liang Yuen~

What is a family dinner without a proper dinner?

We have Steamed Chicken, Abalone Soup, Mushroom with Sea Cucumber, Vegetable with Fried Onion, Salted Prawns, Tomyam Fish, Mixed Vegetable, Braised Duck.
*Burp* Another cup of Coke please?

Tanglungs are a not-miss item for celebrating this special occasion. How can we not play tanglungs? Tanglungs are flammable and nice to see when it burns. Looks like I got the concept wrong.


Since we are bored of the idea of holding a lantern with a wooden stick and walk around acting like retards, we came out with a few new concepts of playing candles.

Making your own surname and have fun with it.

Burn it like a pile of campfire woods.

Drip the wax on your nails to make Pretty Fingers.

Just squat there and observe the candle burn like a retard.

I blend well in the dark. Cool.

Its getting bored out there. Get inside into the house to play PS2 only. Oh wait, that is the end of the part where we get to play lanterns?

Technology beats tradition.

Hmm I wonder how is TooSmart doing all this while?

TooSmart: What the.... Am I supporting the Save the Green campaign or what? Even my dragon is green in colour.

Not to forget.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Mooncake festival.

How are you doing peoples? Today is a special day for the Chinese. Big and round moon, big and round mooncakes, big and round lanterns, big and round....... table where every family gathers together and have a prosperous dinner.

Ho sek!

I do not know why I hate playing basketball during PJ time in my school. It just does not feel right. Maybe the aura or fengshui affects me. Hmm... any fengshui master to help me decipher this mystery of mine?

Do your know that? Getting back trials mark is more exciting and thrilling than sitting for the exam itself. Example when u have something like this.

Then, immediately you will become like this.

'Fuiness' is present inside your sight, your soul and your emotions. Everything turned 'fui'. There is no more colours. Only 'fui'. How 'fui' can you get? BM 60% , Moral 75% and more to come. There is only 'fui' waiting for you. Guess studying hard is the only cure for 'fui' sickness.

On second thought, perhaps we just enjoy for this week only. Let the harshful days scheduled for next week.

*yet to be continued because went to Aunt's house*

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hair issues.

My reputation has once again being recognized. Haha I am so perasan. Took this picture on last Sunday while taking a break and enjoying a cup of Cham Ice and a cup of Teh See Ice. I like it best when it is mixed together. 70% of tea, 20% coffee, 5% evaporated milk, 5% full cream milk. Uber beverage! Weird.

Well as for today, school had nothing special going on. One side playing Big 2, one side playing Scrajong, one side chatting, one side doing work. That is my class, the first science class in SMK Sultan Abdul Samad.

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Abdul Samad is the best school for slackers.
*two thumbs up*

According to my experience in secondary school life, I plotted a graph to show the intensity of studying for these years.

The level of stress decreases with the form. But the graph will shoot straight up when you reach SPM. We cannot evade the fact.

I noticed that my hair is quite long already, so I decided to go for a haircut. As usual, I go to the Indian barber shop in Paramount. Cheap yet sleazy. Better than taking a pair of scissors and cut yourself.

While the barber was cutting half way, I took a rest, assuring he will do a good job. When I opened my eyes and looked into the mirror after a few minutes, I had a sudden thought.
' Isn't that guy appeared in some kind of TVB show or something?'

My chinese surname is almost similar, which is 阿王.

I quickly requested him to cut the fringe until three quarter of my forehead is revealed. Saved!
Cannot imagine I will be going to school with that haircut. Might as well shaved bald!


Oh, Tomorrow is 8-15 in Chinese Lunar Calendar. Do you know what that means? *Listening to Teresa Teng's Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin. And by the way, lanterns are meant to be burned.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The envy of a broken sailor.

He stumbled upon many happy peoples,
dancing and drinking malt in the peer.
All of them seems cheerful,
but he was still sad.
Those were his definition of life.
Surviving alone in the dark oceans since he set sail.
Back then, he might look like a well-lived person,
blessed with much freedom to roam upon.
Deep inside his soul,
he longs for love and mind peace.
Nobody ever knew,
He was going through a rough journey,
riding a rotten raft in the middle of a storm, clashing thunders.
He had a deep thought,
perhaps the sky and the sea will eventually calm down.
He will reach the dock of No Man's Land some day.
But how long will it take to reach his destination?
Till then, he will still envy the happy peoples he stumbled upon.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

A boring saturday.

Boring. A boring Saturday. Sitting in front of the computer watching the movies borrowed from Vincent. How boring. Oh what is this? Looks freaky. Lets put it into the DVD-Rom.

Okay~ Let the movie begin. Anyway, has anyone seen this movie before? Really a total holy-shitted piece of masterpiece. Its about the Jap government is getting sick with the teens and come up with a plan to 'teach' them how to respect adults and appreciate life. They created Battle Royale, a programme where a group of students are sent to a remote island, battling and killing each other to ensure their own survival in three days. How.......great! The main actor is the dude acting Yagami Light in Death Note. What is his name again?

This gives me nightmares.

How could you forget me?

This movie is sick. So many brutalities. So many killings. So many blood. So many...... Japanese hot chicks! Haha! Not referring to the girl shown above. She reminds me of some evil girl from some kind of Jap horror movies. I hate horror movies since I was a child. After all these years of cojones-building growing up process, I tend to be fond of seeing horror movies. Maybe my brains are not functioning well. I wonder if Malaysia implement this programme in the country, and I am in Form 5 now. If i got selected for BR, isn't this better than NS?

Say yes to BR, Say no to NS!

Do not be suprised if I bust your head open. I am a pro CS gamer.

That is not going to happen. We love each other. Peace will befall on us forever and ever. Right?
Time for another movie.