Thursday, June 25, 2009


Just got back from lecture class and now preparing to go for tutorial classes. Just got this email. I am scared poopless when this pop-ups in my MSN notification.

"You got an e-mail from"

Oh my, my speeding and reckless driving must have got into me by now... But..


You do not have any new summons.
Thank you for using MyEG services

Team MyEG

Thank god!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kampar Comeback #4

Dead Road

There was this Christian cell group in Kampar that Edward joined earlier. Quite an active one, lead by Pastor Nicky Ling if I am not mistaken. A very good guy indeed. They organized this event in Grand Kampar Hotel for the students to take part in. Fun-filled indeed. Obviously I would not want to miss out such exciting event. So I volunteered to help out as well, helping to fetch students from Eastlake for the event. Too bad none of them showed up from Eastlake.... What a waste of effort hahaha!

They invited a few Africans from KL to perform for this event. All of them are from Nottingham University and I would say, they are extremely smart people, having a strong faith for God as well.

Approximately 180 students showed up for the event. Wasn't expecting such a number but I guess through word of mouth, a lot of them showed up because of the free food and lucky draw they want to enjoy too.

Ed and I got ourselves a crew t-shirt just for helping out. So nice hahaha!!

Tayshawn, Rick, Melanie and Janell. A lot others that I know were at the event too.

We had a cookout a few days ago. 3 of us took the initiative to cook an Italian meal. Scrumptious...

Spaghetti Bolognaise with shreded chicken patty, sausage and smoked luncheon meat.

Sauce, Soup and Spaghetti.

Mushroom Spaghetti Soup.

Hungry Hound.

Another Hungry Hound.

Well I think this post comcludes all the stuff that I mainly did in Kampar. There are of course many more stuff I did without taking any photos. Still I think its enough to describe my daily life up here.

Till then. =D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kampar Comeback #3

Yes this is the house I am staying in Kampar. Triple storey bungalow. Completed with swimming pool, lush green garden, jacuzzi tubs, golden toilet seats and most importantly fully air-conditioned. Hahahaha! Yeah I haven't really wake up yet. Just attended a lame 8-10 class and now I am feeling really sleepy. Jl,Pl and Ml just came by and dropped Mou Mou off for me and Ed to take care while they make a trip back to KL.

As for the house, it is one of the luxurious living on the hilltop of Dragon Mountain Path. Isn't the name Dragon Mountain Path gave you a 'Woohhh' factor? Hahaha!

Every single mansion up here makes me drool all over. Should have came up here and rent a place. Hehehe...

Here is my house. Located right outside the town beside an old abandoned old folk's home and a coffin shop. Real spooky. The electricity often cut off,the lights flicker all the time and the water tasted funny just like blood. The dogs were barking and howling all the time and black cats can be seen everywhere too.

Yeah, I am lame. Slap me XD

Enter the dragon.

Why the bombastic name Dragon Mountain Path? Haha there is actually a mountain hiking route on top of the hill. I heard a lot of people actually come here to hike. The first time me and Pl came, we only walked up to a clearing, wearing slippers. Haha! Yesterday, 5 of us semangat-ed and went there again to hike. I guess we only finished half of the route only as it was getting late already as everyone is getting tired as well. Great success~ XD

The Main Gate of the Dragon

The Dragon Rules

The wacky Dragon Challengers

Go Thy Dragon Way

DVD seller of the Dragon following behind

Dangerous paths of the Dragon..

Tiring task of pursuing the Dragon

View #1 - Bungalows and Cemetery

View #2 - Kampar horizon

Take 1 - DVD seller and Coke-man Fail

Take 2 - Hairdo and Sweat Fail

Take 3

After all the hassle and effort of conquering Dragon Mountain Path halfway, we finally get to meet the Dragon Master Jr.

Master Dragontail, The second disiple of The Dragon


Coming up next...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Kampar Comeback #2

His name is J.D. Jack Daniels. Chinese name is Mou Mou. He is a poodle. He is 2 months old. He is a dog. A furry dog. Hahaha! Ever since Zero passed away, Janell, Mel and Rick(my close friends+neighbour) got themselves another dog. Isn't he uber kawaii? LOL!

Macam patung mainan aje.. He is quite hyperactive. Jumping and running all the time. But recently he contracted some flu-like sickness, might be another viral infection. Lets hope for the best and a speedy recovery for J.D.

Talking about J.D. makes me wanna have some of it now. Hahaha! Sponsors anyone?

Back to my mission of exploring Kampar, Yeah! That day, me and Rick was supposed to go KTAR to swim. But as we arrived there, we cannot go into the pool because:
1. We do not have any tickets
2. The office selling the ticket closes at 4.30, we were there at 5.30
3. We do not have any swimming caps. Wtf mou?

So, instead of going back home, I thought of going to find out the nearby waterfall place somewhere in the mountain just behind the town. We found this place, Batu Karang Recreation Park if I am not mistaken. Its a sad sad place. Satu orang pun takda. Haha! And one more thing..

So this is the pool, but something is definitely missing..


Yes its missing a lost boy in the middle of an empty pool. Hahaha! A family bringing two small kids came after that. We talked to them as well, they came just to catch some shrimps from the upstream. So we followed them.

Rupa-rupanya the water is seeping away from a breakage in the cracks between the concrete walls they made just to direct the flow of water into the pool down there. Haha! Crazy kids playing around so dangerously. The fat one even fell down and cut his knee. Bleeding yet still so happy. Tarzan material.

So nothing much we could do, we decided to syok sendiri a bit and give ourselves a sense of satisfaction, lying to ownself that we actually did jumped into a pool and swam. Great success!

Feeling unsatisfied, we decided to explore more around the town. There's a lot of small junctions that lead us to extraordinary places such as....

The WW2 fort. I can see a lot of explosion marks and destroyed buildings. It was a real battle site. I wonder would the long-gone soldiers still buried beneath this place?

After that, we moved on to the Kampar hospital. You would be thinking, why WengWai had to be so lifeless until hospital also want to explore? Little did you know, its situated up a hill and the road to go up there is freaking narrow and steep. And if anything would happen in the future, at least I know where is this place.

The Rumah Mayat along the downhill road. Not to mention, this place is quite creepy, at night I think it would be worse because the houses around there are like deserted.

It gives us an uneasy feeling being around here. From the look of this place, I would guess it was once a defensive fort last time because up here, you can really have a good view on the whole Kampar.

Coming soon, the expedition continues..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

200th Post

Wow, this marks my 200th post for my blog. Nice eh? Hahaha! It is 3am in the morning and what am I doing? Facebooking and MSN-ing. Hehehe! I just reached home anyway, I mean the Kampar home. So... nothing much for this post. Just want to let you people know that facebook's horoscope and chinese astrology predictions are freakishly true. I normally don't believe in horoscopes but every single time I read about it for my daily predictions and appropriate advices given, it really relates to what I encounter every freaking moment of that day itself. Not to say entirely kena la... but then at least 80%. Good enough kan? Haha! Just for those fellow Capricornians, take a look for today's horoscopes then. If you are something else, just search for the app itself or go to my profile page and look for your own.
Chinese Astrology
You'll have the desire to make a fresh start in your life; it will be the moment, then, to solve a problem that has been weighing on you since a long time. The crux of your habitual anguishes will ease off like a creeper after a storm. Numerous contacts will give you wings, and you'll profusely reap the fruits of your good work. Beware of allergic reactions; they won't be serious but will nevertheless bother you overly; smog, dust, smoke, hair, feathers, and humidity can all cause you respiratory or dermatological ills.

Capricorn: You're never going to meet anyone at home. If you want new people in your life, get out there. .

Nights people.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kampar Comeback

Dear blog, I know I have neglected you for quite some time. I have a lot to blog about actually but my enthusiasm to blog about it is low. Just for my readers' sake, I shall post some pictures up to keep you people updated about what's going on with my life.

Obviously this place is not found in Kampar. This picture was taken the night before I left to Kampar outside Sunway Hotel. We went around Sunway to stalk the clubbing people visit MOS etc... Yes lifeless we are. We even thought of going in MOS while wearing short pants and slippers. If we really ball-ful enough to do that.. imagine how awesome the scenario would be...

Okay this picture was taken from the lakeside where a bunch of drunktards good students just chilling and drinking beside Westlake. It was awesome enjoying the breeze and view of the lake at night while gulping down a nice bottle of Heineken. Absolutely awesome.

Awesome mou?

Isn't it too old for us to be playing RC cars by now? Hahaha! All thanks to Edward,he convinced me to buy a RC car as he bought one to play. After much bargaining and hassle buying from the canopy stalls outside Tesco, we got these mighty contraption for a relatively expensive cheap price as said by Edward. Although its fun and exhilarating, but it does burn a hole in my wallet. Too fast too furious betul... Subaru is mine, Fairlady is Ed's. Boleh drift tau? XD Oh did I mention we have DDR(Dance Dance Revolution) at our place too? Freaking awesome right? Hahaha! Soon gonna get a freaking swimming pool outside of the house too if we really cannot take the heat anymore.

Yeah, I have been exposed to the cosmic rays of the space and now I can generate fire from my body. Real life Fantastic 4.. Don't play play! Haha! (Guaranteed no photoshopping involved in the production of this photo)

Flame on!

Edward also got my superpower already because he smell my radioactive fart the other night.

Since we got our superpowers already, might as well test it out.

The beauty of sunset