Friday, October 2, 2009

Semester One down!

Finally.... a well deserved 3 weeks break from the hellish finals examinations of my Semester One in UTAR, Kampar. Glad to be back to PJ and live back the usual life. Most importantly, I am back home. Nothing is better than my dad's home cooked food and mom's care. Haha call me a mommy's boy, I admit it.... Hehehe!

The ultimate procrastinator like me does not deserve passing marks for examinations. Seriously. I must have been a really good person in the past, good karma I guess. ^^v

Behold, the guilty,stoned,sleepless and sinful face

Memorizing law notes

Can die....

During exam..

Exam hall..

Anyway, past is past. Look at the present, I am back and enjoying my holidays to the maximum yo! Instead of busy studying, I am busy scheduling my everyday events. More stressful than studies weh.. Haha just joking. I long for this break since the day I picked up my book and start studying. Yeah that is like, so long ago. HAHAHAHA!!

I shall be updating this blog from time to time now.. since I am free. Any folks of you seeing this, call me up and we shall chill together while I am still around PJ okay? Hehe..

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