Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time for an upturn

Here I am, blogging at 5am after getting back from the small trip to Hulu Langat. At least today nothing serious happened. But still it is really happening! Our first expedition to Ampang Look Out Point!!!

Let's start off in the morning. I woke up at 10, without brushing teeth, first thing I did is washed my car because I cannot stand the dirty filthy water marks all over the car body!! After washing I drove it to ss2 to get it tinted from RayTech. Due to the free package I took, they did quite a bad job and don't clean up the mess after applying the tint films. At least I paid 20 bucks for the extra Myvi word in my number etching on the windows. =.= The salesgirl there said I look like a standard 6 boy with a baby face!! Baby face again!! Aiyoh..... So I went back home and wash the car again and clean up the mess inside. See la... new car sayang sayang.. 1-2 months later see how...

Apparently I am still not satisfied. The car must be pimped, at least to a mild extent without crossing the lala-car border. Went to Brothers in Kelana Jaya with Tom after that. Seriously have to get a shopping list by the next trip. A lot of stuff can be bought to pimp up my car deh.... I need more money!!! Anyone please donate to the "Pimp-Weng's-Car" Fund, okay??

After dinner, 10 of us( Me, Alwin, Reuben, Tom, Vince, Yung, Alia, Jian, Jen Jen, Jia Yun) gathered at Picca. By 9 we drove to Ampang Look Out Point. Quite a long journey I would say but it is worth it. Just for the breathtaking scenery of the whole KL and part PJ. Phew....

See what I mean? Well apparently Alia brought her DSLR there and we camwhored a lot. Photos to be uploaded in Facebook!!! After that, went to Gasoline for a light drink. I did not know they were going to surprise me as Reuben took out a present and passed it to me. My belated birthday present from all of the people!! Well I am so touched.... Thank you all.. I feel like giving each of you a kiss now... come to papa... XD

My glitter lamp! Where is the lava??!!

Today is a good day and it remained that way. Well CNY is just 36 hours away. Tong Tong Tong Chiang!!! Luck is in the air~ Okay I am overjoyed now... Time to sleep. Have to drive back to Taiping some more... Thanks again to the Hengdais and Hengmuis that tagged along today for this small expedition.. I shall remember this day until the day I take my last breath!!

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