Monday, June 28, 2010

Am I an alcoholic?

Perhaps I enjoy drinking as much as anyone would do... or maybe not just anyone. Definitely I drink only the times when I get to enjoy with my friends because alcohol will sure make things lively..literally. HAHAHA!! Just like how I conjure up this glass of Vodka Lime cocktail and enjoyed it among my two housemates. It tastes so much better than just mixing it with regular soft drinks. My first time mixing cocktail.. not bad!!

Presenting... My Lemon Lime Vodka with a tinge of World Cup Fever!!

Too bad the vodka is finishing due to only little leftovers from the BBQ party in Jia Yun's house last Saturday... Well....Yeng Mou!!!

Well, the story begins like this...

Preparation starts around 5pm..

Erection of Reuben's tripod barbeque pit
Tech-efficiency utilization FTW!
Removal of age-long stains since the last time we one experience stomach ache after that night?

Preparation of coleslaw by a swarm of people.. I started it first!!
JY's mum home-toasted pizza
Eating in the dark
Birthday duo...
Roadside Mamak-style plate washing
Commencing drinking session..
Getting ready to 'drunkened'
"Ya ready to be spiked!?" (Glowing weh!)
Reu:"Finally! Time to get wasted"
Jen:"Hmmm.... ?"
Jian:"Oh shit.. will I puke again this time?" (haha just joking, no offence kay?)
Lee Cheng: *do not know what is going on*
Alwin: "Yeah! Bring it on!"
Jia Yun:" Bieber blast! Hoodoog! Korrnniinakupp!"
Chan:" How many glasses I can withstand so that I can reach home safely..?"
Seng:" According to this book, we must takei after drinking. Takeilu..."
Vince: Do I get to see u guys naked if you're drunk? *smirks*

Reactions after hearing what Vince said
Reu:"Vince, You can take Chan.. he is passing out anytime soon."Reu:"If not you can take Jian, see how succulent his toes are."

Moral of the story
"Embrace the alcoholism and live prosper."

By the way,my dear bought a pair of Crocs for me because she lost a bet to me.. Haha!! I am not mistreating her okay? I did treat her to a meal before that.. a bet is a bet!! >_<

Don't be jealous okay? HAHAHA!

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