Friday, June 18, 2010

I wanna be Spiderman..

Check out the big spider we caught in Ed's room yesterday night. Smaller in size compared to the one found in my bathroom some time ago.. Now we got a new kind of pet. FYI, we had a frog and a lizard before.

We tried feeding it with multiple kind of bugs we found around.. Crabbie(due to its crab-like shell abdomen) is quite picky when it comes to food. He/She only eat flies.. Haha! Crazy young people in Kampar!! Check out the eight-eye cock stare.. 8 times the cockiness!!

Feed meh!!

It looks like he/she want a piece of me!!

Well, I spent my whole day in the Heritage Hall of UTAR helping out for the Talentime event tomorrow. It is a showcase on students' talents cater for the new intakes to come and enjoy a spectacular performance. I am helping out on the program setup and coordination of performance. Perhaps an update on this event tomorrow?

I came back at 3pm and took care of my precious since I have not really pamper him for a long long time. I gave him the tender loving care he has been yearning ever since. It took me a tenious 2 hours to clean him up and make him shiny as the bling-bling. Haha! I am just refering to my car, not any guy.. =P

The muscular booty

The fiery strike

The utmost elegance

The curvy comfort

The sturdy glare

Fooh!! Off to work in campus again..

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