Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog Revived!

Sorry for the uber long hiatus. Its 4.15am now and I cannot think of anything to do. Since a lot of you people have been urging me to continue my blog, I think its time for me to continue to do so. So what's for starters? Hmm....

I gained weight. A lot. Yes its so sad... Diet plan is not going as expected as well.. Determination fail.. guess I need some motivation to fortify my determination. Apa boleh buat ni...?

Now I am still in Kampar, Perak doing my Business Admin. in UTAR. Year 2 already, senior kot.. haha!! Oh, I got a new housemate as well. Introducing a member of my legion of Brathers, Mr. Tayshawn Lee. *applause*

That's my MP5, used for armed robberies and terrorism activities.

Well, the Bratherhood is gradually reducing its influence with the departure of two of our closest Brathers, Mr. Jeff Ng to pursue his studies in Singapore and Mr. Rick Cheah to go back to PJ to realise his celeb chef dream.

As traditions pass down from one to another, a farewell BBQ session followed up by boozing and performing crazy antics is a must for our legion of Bratherhood.

List of food include marinated chicken(black pepper and masala), butter cheese dory fillets, bacon slices, bacon cubes, stewed peanuts, tofu puffs, sausages, mantou bun etc....

It ain't a party without these...



More after effects...

After that, we had the craziest drinking game ever, after modifications from our previous attempts which had already K.O.-ed a few people who dared to face the challenge. What a pity no photos were taken. But its still a blessing because it would revoke our memory of that extraordinary yet painful experience. *cough*sesameoil*cough*

List of ingredients for our "cocktail" mixing includes sesame oil(killer!), knife cooking oil(puke-inducing), yogurt drink(blackcurrant taste, still okay), coke(basic lah!), 7-up(also basic), honey star(extremely deadly with oil), choki-choki(it helps), scott emulsion(personally, its bad), (soy sauce(FTW!!!), chilli sauce(hmm.. not bad), oregano powder(banned because it neutralise the gory flavour), iron pills(from donating blood XD), orange juice(basic..) together with our Vat 69 Scotch Whisky and Absolut Vodka.

Fooh! I think that's all for now.. promise you guys I will update as often as I can from now on! Blogging mojo FTW!!

By the way, I am rooting for Spain in this on going World Cup!! All-stars Spaniard team for the win!! Peace!

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