Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spain FTW!!

A mixed feeling of joy and despair has befallen upon me. Hmm.. yesterday night Henry invited me and Tayshawn and one more coursemate of theirs for a drinking night while watching the match between Portugal and Ivory Coast. I am quite dissapointed with Portugal's performance especially Cristiano Ronaldo. I must say his theatrics and diving techniques is beyond godlike, he could have fooled the referee, but not the multi-angled spectators like us. Well, I must say the referee is kind of blur on the field as well. Enough Portugal, lets talk about my favourite La Furia Espanola(Spain). I must say the odds of Spain winning this World Cup is high. Come on, just by looking at the squad members, you know something great is going to come out from these elite footballers. Star strikers Fernando Torres and David Villa will sure pack a 'punchful' on the opposition. Perhaps the greatest of all strengths for Spain is their midfield play. With Xavi, Xabi Alonso, Iniesta,Fabregas and Silva, it is totally flawless. As for defence, I am sure these players like Pique, Ramos and Puyol would get their job done. Never forgetting the arguably best goalkeeper in the world, Saint Iker(Casillas).

Speaking of this, I could not resist the chance of getting something to wear to show my support, so me and Tayshawn dropped by the Al-Ikhsan in Kampar to have a look. We found ourselves a couple of shirts that we liked and bought it. He support Argentina so he got a awesome-looking shirt. As for me, I got the shirt as displayed below:

Cool eh?

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