Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not Your Average Super Hero

Well, this is my first advertorial post for Nuffnang. Why?

Nuffnang Exclusive Private Screening - Hancock

Thats why! Besides that, Will Smith is a great actor. I always admire his professionalism in acting. The emotions are so true and realistic.

Back to business, I am required to write about a specific superhero and describe them as if they exist in reality. Well, I chose Spiderman as my superhero to write about. Spidey!

Okay! As we know, Peter Parker turned into Spiderman after he got bitten by a genetic altered spider. SO if he happens to spill the secret of his transformation to others, we all could be Spiderman, Spiderkid, Spidermom, Spider what so ever. Think of the benefits! We all could save up by just swinging around instead of driving cars that consume a lot of costly petrol. But be warned that some others could die from the bite because of different genetic information. Haha! Maybe this is a little bit impossible.

Spiderman uses his web-shooting ability to swing around buildings, trap enemies and stuff right? What happens to the web strings then? They would just stay there hanging around until someone cleans it. Isn't it a bit messy and dirty? Perhaps he could get sued by the city council for creating such mess.

With great power comes great responsibility. The famous quote. So Spiderman has the responsibility of protecting the citizens and eradicating the evil villains. Well, what if there is no more evil villains? And the city needs no one to protect them anymore? Spiderman would have to find another job right? Even the city council would not pay him for such work. So....with great power comes great evil doings! He would change his mind and use his power to lie, cheat and steal? Even to kill? Who knows?

For more information, you could drop by Nuffnang to have a peek on this upcoming screening event.

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