Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A quickie refreshie

Well I am adapting well with the university life for now... but definitely haven't reach the part where people used to describe it as 'as high as mountains' workload. Hopefully there will be none! Got to know more people for now but still the process is not progressing well. All people just like to be diam diam only, either 'ubi berisi' or not I have no idea. And one more thing, I can get TIRED and SLEEPY all the time, mostly due to the long hours from 8-5 every single day. Must start to sleep early from now on.

Tomorrow,the petrol price going to go sky high. As a typical Malaysian, what else you can expect. People would spend 30 minutes to 1 hour waiting in the queue to just fill their car up with those precious liquid. Why won't someone invent cars that run on pee? Hmmm I am studying BioTech, maybe I shall give it a shot in the future. Must prove: Urea generates energy. Oh by the way, I did the queuing up in ss2 BP. Dad's reckless pushing-driving got in faster than other cars from other lanes. Lesson learnt: Fight to survive, even when pumping petrol. My dad made a prediction that tonight sure got robbery cases in petrol stations. Lets wait and see.

I just got myself a 3-in-1 printer: Canon Pixma MP145 for RM239. Quite cheap compared to other options. I even scanned my class photos and uploaded them in Facebook. Quite a number of response I am getting from them. Beautiful memories are hard to forget.... Ahhh...... I am looking for this particular laptop: HP Pavilion tx2000 Tablet PC for my university usage. Price is around 3k but I am still trying to find a lower price in other places. Anyone knows about this PLEASE kindly tell me!

Although the screen is only 12' inch, I find that this gadget is quite impressive. Touchscreen with handwriting function, 180 degrees rotate screen, remote control attached, fingerprint function, Altec Lansing speakers....I would not ask for more with these cunted specifications, although there are more....

My dad just lost his wallet yesterday in ss3. Items lost are his IC, driving license and 2500 HARD CASH! Congratulations to the pickpocket/finder-keeper/greedy asshole! Its better than buying Toto! If you are seeing this while you are enjoying the fruit of your rewards, please send back the stuffs you do not need like IC/License. Mutualism a bit mah!

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